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The main focus of the biopharmaceutical company is diseases involving liver and cancers, as these diseases are defined genetically. Dicerna makes use of an RNA interference technology, patented by Dicerna itself. The RNAi molecules are proprietary. Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc. This is a rare, inherited, autosomal, recessive disorder.

Fun financial facts why you should start investing early

Fun financial facts

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Money makes the world go round. Currency currently in circulation. We all use it, but how much do we know about it? Here are some off-the-wall interesting money facts that you likely never knew:. Compare the services, fees, and features of the leading investment advisors. Find the best firm for your portfolio. Together these two facilities use a mind-blowing 9. Someone who drives 10 miles to buy their lottery ticket is 3 times likelier to die en route than they are to win the jackpot.

If all those gamblers learned to play the stock market game instead of donating their cash to casino owners, they might actually have won something. Looking for an investment advisor to show you how to bet on stocks responsibly?

Compare top advisors:. In Monopoly, when you go bankrupt, you lose the game. Fortunately, SuperMoney can teach you how to make bankruptcy work for you. But no need to rush the bank. The digital dollars in your checking and savings account are as real as the cash in your pocket.

It was used primarily by banks, and was rarely seen by the public eye. While the U. And with the cost of credit card late fees rising fast , credit card debt gets more expensive every day. Need help digging your way out of credit card debt? A debt consolidation loan can help you get your balance down to zero. To compensate for lengthening lifespans, the Social Security Administration has extended the age that you receive benefits.

Bankruptcy is not the only answer. Debt settlement firms can help you get back on your feet. Money can be hard to manage! Wall Street is really named after a wall. Just divide 72 by the expected rate of return to get the estimated number of years it will take to double the original amount.

The cost of health insurance. Starbucks pays more for employee health insurance than it pays for coffee beans. It dates back to BC and leaves all his property to his wife, Teta. What is the oldest recorded Power of Attorney? Dated BC in Mesopotamia. Mob boss Al Capone ran a criminal enterprise and regularly ordered hits on his enemies—but he was not sent to prison for murder. Instead, he was charged with tax evasion and fraud, and was sentenced to 11 years.

Moral of the story: pay your taxes! Alien abduction insurance is a real thing.

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The TD Ameritrade study also asked respondents whether they felt guilty about their Christmas purchases. Christmas trees were at their most expensive in New York, much like everything is more expensive in New York. Looking for the cheapest Christmas tree you can find in America? Or at least they were in At that price, you might as well get one for your dog, as well.

So now you know where to get the cheapest and most expensive Christmas trees in America, but what was the national average? It turns out it was right about in the middle between the New York high and the South Dakota low. Did you know some banks have Christmas traditions?

Whether you call him Sinterklaas, Saint Nicholas, or plain old jolly Santa Claus, the man has a big job. He has to travel around the whole world before the end of Christmas Eve. Quite frankly, it sounds exhausting. So what does a job like that pay? Eat your heart out Bing Crosby! The most expensive Christmas movie ever made starred Jim Carrey. Want to start your own Santa operation?

It might not be quite as expensive as you think. Everyone seems to complain about Christmas fruitcakes, but they keep being sold, so someone must be buying them. What makes it so expensive? A whole bunch of diamonds. It was taller than feet.

It was feet tall and erected in Sri Lanka. Good job, nature. Christmas may be an even bigger deal in England than it is in the United States. The ancestors of the old English Anglo-Saxon people may have celebrated the Winter Solstice back before they left Germany, but at some point after reaching the British Isles, they decided Christmas was their jam.

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Andrew Tavin is a personal finance writer who covered budgeting with expertise in building credit and saving for OppU. Comedy Central. Things To Come. Card Balance. March Ummm, I think they're talking about reducing your credit card balance, not shrinking the actual card! Humour Fitness. Gym Humor. Workout Humor. Funny Fitness. Running Humor. Workout Quotes. Exercise Humor. Fitness Memes. Hard Workout. If you're seeing nothing but bad credit everywhere, contact for help!

Being Used. Bring It On. It's so important to maintain a good FICO score! Start with. Good Credit Score. Do Men. Thinking Of You. Thinking About You. With ValentinesDay only two days away, who do you think has better credit scores - men or women? Wtf Funny. Funny Memes. Identity Protection. Clean Memes. Single Dads. Identity Theft. Don't be this guy. Contact instead! Installment Loans. Credit Bureaus. Pop Music. Pop quiz- how many credit scores do you have? Most people are WAY off!

Wedding Costs. Budget Wedding. Wedding Planning. Dream Wedding. Wedding Day. Wedding Stuff. Wedding Things. Wedding Ceremony. Planning on getting married in ? The average wedding now costs HOW much?! Last Minute Christmas Gifts. Christmas Presents. Teen Life. Get To Know Me. Gift Guide. Just For Fun. Just In Case. Doug Funnie. Jace Lightwood.

It's Over Now. Funny Quotes. Funniest Memes. Movie Quotes. The average employee wastes HOW much time out of every work day? Financial Tips. How To Wear. Do your finances look as bad as that sweater you wore to the Christmas party? Give yourself a gift this holiday season with these credit score and financial tips:. Tacky Christmas. Funny Christmas Sweaters. What Is Christmas. Christmas And New Year. Christmas Humor. Christmas Holidays. Merry Christmas. Christmas Gifts.

Xmas Sweaters. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is now big fun Check Your Credit Score. Free Credit Score.

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This is why the U.S. Bureau of Engraving & Printing has to reprint $ million worth of currency each year. › Lifestyle › Living. Believe it or not: 10 fun financial facts you didn't know · 1. The Infosys Technologies IPO was undersubscribed · 2. % was the highest income.