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What is overnight trading

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The time frame is short, but there are reasons why this should work. Clearly, there is a solid edge! You have a nice tailwind you can take advantage of when building strategies:. Moreover, there is added risk by holding overnight. While you are sleeping, drinking beer with your friends, watching TV, or reading a book, your capital is at work. This is the reward you get for delaying gratification to the future:.

When the markets open, any macro news, earnings, or whatever news there are get discounted rapidly. Can you still profit during the opening hours the next day? The chart below is pretty sobering:. From until May you have lost money by buying on the open and selling on the close every trading day. In other words, all the gains of owning stocks have come from holding overnight — during the night while you were making love to your partner.

Multi-tasking can be profitable and enjoyable! For the gold miners GDX , the statistics are even worse. The average gain is minus 0. Pretty miserable! Despite the long-term drift upwards overnight, you need to make solid overnight trading strategies to make up for slippage and commissions. However, we have published both free and paid strategies and edges that profit from the overnight bias. For example, these overnight trading strategies which we made several years ago are still working pretty well:.

Seven years of out of sample gives this equity curve of the last linked strategy above 3 down days in a row :. That page consists of several overnighters. We believe overnight stock trading strategies are low-hanging fruit, thus any aspiring trader should consider night trading. Sell in May and go away must be one of the most famous phrases in the stock market.

But is this adage a myth or a fact? There are plenty of myths in the stock market that never has…. Last Updated on April 19, by Quantified Trading A portfolio of trading strategies You need to build a portfolio of trading strategies that differ in markets, time frames, and types.

Because you want to have a portfolio of trading strategies that both complement each other and make the portfolio diversified and uncorrelated. We bought the book just days after it was published in , in the midst of the dot com frenzy, and we have reread it at least a couple…. Last Updated on May 20, by Quantified Trading Some personal and random thoughts on day trading I love day trading!

I have day traded for over twelve years and I still like what I do. Actually, I love it! Day trading is some kind of addictive. I need my daily shot with research and…. Last Updated on May 19, by Quantified Trading Trading strategy and system performance metrics are important parameters to evaluate the quality of your trading strategy.

Just looking at the end result, the CAGR or the annual returns, might be very misleading. Neither had we! But this is one of the many seasonal effects in the stock market. The man behind the effect, hedge fund manager Eric Singer, had so much faith in this seasonal…. High Oddmund.

My name is Leon and I really love your site. I have been backtesting this GDX stratgegy on my own and it seems to work pretty nicely, but when I go to my GDX brokers data the backtest is really bad. You are right that the data can vary. However, I have never seen any backtest get significantly worse by changing the data.

Are you sure you have the right open and close? The time of the open and close can vary. I have redone all the calculations and I still get the same result: with Yahoo data the strategy is good, but with my brokers data it is not. You dont get the same PnL profits with the two set of data. The equity curves are completely different. You say that you have done also the backtest with IB so I will try to get their data, altough I am sure that it will work for you are telling so.

All major stock exchanges have set and regulated trading hours, and these are the portions of time when regular trading takes place. Most US exchanges trade from 9. However, in actuality, shares can be traded on three different markets — the premarket, the regular market and the after hours market.

Different exchange trading times are in operation in other countries. The London Stock Exchange trades from 8. In Asia, the Tokyo Stock Exchange trades from 9. Overnight trading typically reflects trades made on a foreign market whilst these exchanges are closed. For example, the forex market runs for 24 hours a day, in exchanges worldwide. The Asian, European, North American and Australian overlap in trading hours makes overnight trading possible.

With this in mind, investors must remember the high levels of risk involved with overnight trading, which include overnight delivery risk and foreign exchange risk. The overnight market The overnight market is the portion of the money market involving the shortest term loan. With after market trading, lenders and borrowers agree that the funds are only to be held overnight, so the money must be repayed by the next day, with the interest included. As the loan is only borrowed for a short period of time, the interest rates are generally the lowest rates at which banks lend money — this is known as the overnight rate.

Most of the movement that takes place happens in the morning, as soon as the business day has started. This is thought to be the case because clients of financial institutions need a large amount of money at the start of the day, sometimes more than the institution has on hand, so they borrow from the overnight market on that particular day. Conversely, if the institution has an extra surplus of money, they could choose to lend on the overnight market when appropriate.

Banks form the largest participatory bulk of the overnight market, although other large institutions like mutual funds make up a large amount too. Overnight rate The overnight rate is typically the interest rate that major banks use to lend and borrow from one another in the overnight market. In certain countries, for example the United States, this can be the rate that is directed by the central bank to sway monetary policy.

In the majority of countries, the central bank will also take part in the overnight market and will borrow or lend money to other large banks. The overnight rate exists because during the course of a day banks will exchange money with each other, with major clients, with foreign banks, with client representing parties and with their own account. At the close of a financial working day, a bank may have an excess or a shortage of funds. Banks that have extra funds or excess reserves deposit or lend them to other banks, who usually borrow from them.

The overnight rate is the interest rate paid to the lender by the borrower. Banks can also lend or borrow for extended periods of time, depending on their needs and their opportunities. Most overnight banks will give their overnight rate on a monthly basis. Overnight rates are viewed as a measure of the prevalence of the liquidity in the economy.

In conditions of narrow liquidity, overnight rates raise dramatically. They also rise when there is a lack of confidence in banks, as witnessed in the liquidity crunch. Overnight indexed swap The overnight indexed swap also known as OIS is an interest rate swap where the periodic floating payment is generally placed on a return determined from a day-to-day compound interest investment. The reference for this rate is the overnight rate and the type of formula used depends on this rate.

The index rate is the most common rate for unsecured lending between different banks, for example Sonia for sterling and the Federal Funds Rate for the U. OIS is commonly thought of as a less risky interest rate in comparison to LIBOR as it's fixed interest and there is less counter-party risk.

The difference in the spread between these two rates is seen as a quota of health in the banking structure. It's also considered to be a strong gauge for the relative stress in the money markets as well as a critical measure of risk and liquidity there. A high LIBOR a higher spread is mainly understood to be an indicator that major banks are less willing to lend money and a lower spread demonstrates a higher amount of liquidity in the market. Therefore, this spread can be viewed as an expression of a banks' perception of the creditworthiness of other banks and institutions.

Stop loss This is a type of order that's allocated to a broker to sell the security in question when it reaches a certain price. A stop loss order is structured to restrict the loss of a position made by an investor on various types of security.

This sort of order is usually linked with a long position, but it can also be associated with a short position if the security trades above a set price. A stop loss order can protect a trade if the investor cannot watch it — for example, if it's an overnight trade. The execution of the trade however is not guaranteed especially in circumstances where trading in the stock gaps up or down in price or is halted.

A stop loss order is a quick and easy tool that is severely overlooked by many investors. This type of order can strap in profits and can restrict excessive losses and with various styles of investing, almost all can benefit from this trade.

Many view stop loss orders as a sort of insurance policy. Our glossary has a fantastic amount of information on all things stock market related. Would you like to find out more about growth investing? Or maybe you want to inform yourself a little more on the in's and out's of liquidity risk. View all articles. Indices Forex Commodities Cryptocurrencies Shares 30m 1h 4h 1d 1w. CFD trading Charges and fees. Analysis Insights Explainers Data journalism.

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