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Investing presentation

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Annual interest is paid to investor. Once the maturity date is reached, the principal is repaid to the bondholder. Bonds are less risky than stocks but usually do not have the potential to earn as high of a return. Mutual Funds. Mutual fund- when a company combines the funds of many different investors and then invests that money in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Make sure to research the fees charged by a mutual fund. Reduces investment risk. Fees may be high.

Saves investors time. Index Fund. A mutual fund that invests in the stocks and bonds that make up an index. A group of similar stocks and bonds- Standard and Poor What is the difference between a mutual fund and an index fund? High diversification. Usually charge lower fees than mutual funds. Still charge fees. Real Estate. Examples of real estate investments include rental units and commercial property.

Speculative Investments. Commercial Paper. Financial Risk Pyramid. Speculative Investment Tools. Increasing potential for higher returns. Increasing risk. Savings Tools. Checking Account. Savings Account. Money Market Deposit Account. Certificate of Deposit. Savings Bonds. Investment Tools. Index Funds. The risk level for specific investment tools may vary. Investment Philosophy. Everyone has a tolerance level for the amount of risk they are willing to take on.

The greater the risk a person is willing to make on an investment, the greater the potential return will be. Generally divided into three categories: conservative, moderate, aggressive. Portfolio Diversification. Portfolio Diversification- reduces risk by spreading investment money among a wide array of investment tools.

Creates a collection of investments that will provide an acceptable return with an acceptable exposure to risk. Assists with investment. Buying and Selling Investments. Brokerage firm acts as a buying and selling agent for an investor except for real estate and certain speculative investments. Offer investment advice and one-on-one attention from a broker.

Only complete investment transactions. Profits earned on investments are unearned income. Taxes are often owed on unearned income. Taxes are due on most investment returns in the year the unearned income is received. Tax-Sheltered Investments. Government tries to encourage certain types of investments by making them tax-sheltered. Tax-sheltered investments are usually not tax-free! Tax-sheltered investments- eliminate, reduce, defer, or adjust the current year tax liability.

When are taxes for tax-sheltered investments usually paid? There are often limits to the amount that can be invested. What is the benefit of a tax-sheltered investment if taxes still have to be paid? Employer-Sponsored Investment Accounts. Employee benefits from having double the amount of money invested!

Advantages to Employer-Sponsored Investments. Due to this, they are heavily traded during periods of quantitative easing or when the Federal Reserve —or other central banks—raise interest rates. A mutual fund is a type of investment where more than one investor pools their money together to purchase securities. Mutual funds are not necessarily passive , as they are managed by portfolio managers who allocate and distribute the pooled investment into stocks, bonds, and other securities.

There are also many mutual funds that are actively managed , meaning that they are updated by portfolio managers who carefully track and adjust their allocations within the fund. Mutual funds are valued at the end of the trading day, and all buy and sell transactions are likewise executed after the market closes.

Exchange-traded funds ETFs have become quite popular since their introduction back in the mids. ETFs are similar to mutual funds, but they trade throughout the day, on a stock exchange. In this way, they mirror the buy-and-sell behavior of stocks. This also means that their value can change drastically during the course of a trading day.

This can include anything from emerging markets to commodities, individual business sectors such as biotechnology or agriculture, and more. Due to the ease of trading and broad coverage, ETFs are extremely popular with investors. There is a vast universe of alternative investments, including the following sectors:. Many veteran investors diversify their portfolios using the asset classes listed above, with the mix reflecting their tolerance for risk. A good piece of advice to investors is to start with simple investments, then incrementally expand their portfolios.

Specifically, mutual funds or ETFs are a good first step, before moving on to individual stocks , real estate, and other alternative investments. However, most people are too busy to worry about monitoring their portfolios daily. Therefore, sticking with index funds that mirror the market is a viable solution. Steven Goldberg, a principal at the firm Tweddell Goldberg Wealth Management and longtime mutual funds columnist at Kiplinger.

When consulting professionals, look to independent financial advisors who get paid only for their time, instead of those who collect commissions. And above all, diversify your holdings across a wide swath of assets. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Federal Reserve System. Securities and Exchange Commission. Alternative Investments. ETF News. Investing: An Introduction. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Table of Contents Expand. Table of Contents. The Investment Risk Ladder. The Bottom Line. Part of. How to Invest with Confidence. Part Of.

Stock Market Basics. How Stock Investing Works. Investing vs.

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Investing money now allows financial flexibility for your future; The earlier you start PowerPoint PresentationAggressive Investment Portfolio Mix. This presentation is not a statement of official SEC policy, a legal interpretation, or investment advice. Today's Topics. Managing Debt and Credit; Saving and. Does not endorse or promote any commercial supplier, product or service. This is an educational presentation only. DOD does not endorse or favor any.