ostgaard on the nature of trend following investing
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Ostgaard on the nature of trend following investing forex graphical method

Ostgaard on the nature of trend following investing

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The Pricing of Options and Corporate Liabilities. Strategic Allocation to Commodity Factor Premiums. Convexity at Work in Trend Following. Two Centuries of Trend Following. Carry Trades and Currency Crashes. Investor Overconfidence and the Forward Premium Puzzle. Economic Links and Predictable Returns.

Option Pricing: A Simplified Approach. Does Trend Following Work on Stocks? Does the Stock Market Overreact? Too Big to Fail? Long-Term Capital Management. The Loser's Game. Conquering Misperceptions about Commodity Futures Investing.

Two Centuries of Price Return Momentum. The Fundamentals of Commodity Futures Returns. Facts and Fantasies About Commodity Futures. Strategic Rebalancing. Prospect Theory, Mental Accounting, and Momentum. Making Money from Mathematical Models. Understanding Risk Parity. Demystifying Managed Futures. Is This Time Different? Trend Following and Financial Crises. Evidence of Predictable Behavior of Security Returns.

Crash-Neutral Currency Carry Trades. A New Interpretation of Information Rate. Time Series Momentum and Volatility Scaling. Which Trend Is Your Friend? Theory of Rational Option Pricing. Time Series Momentum. On the Nature and Origin of Trend Following. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Alex Moss. Stephen Thomas. Andrew Clare. A short summary of this paper. Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. The port- pact are time-variant. This strategy genu- inely involves only past data and has no look back bias often associated with mean variance compari- sons, which form forecasts based on perfect fore- sight. Clare, Seaton, Smith, and Thomas dem- imum possible loss suffered by an investor over a onstrate that when relative momentum is compared particular calendar period who purchased the asset to trend following it is the latter that provides by far at the highest possible price and sold at the subse- the more impressive investment performance en- quent lowest price.

This class of risk measure actu- hancement for a variety of asset classes. A few re- ally has a long history of both practical and theo- searchers have considered combining relative mo- retical importance dating from Roy The mentum with other established equity strategies such as value.

Asness observes that momen- prospect of losing several years or even decades of tum is present in both value and growth stocks in value accumulation in a brief period meant that at- the United States but that the effect is larger in the tention turned to strategies that could minimize the latter. Similar results are observed by ap Gwilym, full loss crystallized in a buy and hold strategy. The Clare, Seaton, and Thomas in the United two most obvious strategies that could be applied to Kingdom when momentum is combined with divi- REITs are momentum and trend following.

This is frequently referred to as cross-sectional momentum, or relative momen- tum by Antonacci All data used in this prices or returns rather than how they fare against paper contain monthly observations for — their peer group. This type of activity is known as with values in U.

Any returns described trend following other names include time series are calculated using total return versions of the in- momentum and absolute momentum and is fre- dices described previously. The aim is always to trade in the investor in U. In- chaic. Similarly, huge underperformance oc- A number of authors have recently looked at ways curred around the Black Monday crash of October of combining assets in portfolios using simple rule- , the Asia crisis of November , and the based allocation methods and comparing them Russian crisis of , while there was large under- with mean-variance optimization MVE methods performance in March when the market did Chaves, Hsu, Li, and Shakernia, ; Ang, In addition, they give up on market shares equal weights perform surprisingly well rallies too early, as in The above examples and performance data are strik- ing examples of poor decision making by investors Why Does Trend Following Work?

We can see elements of herding, re- tinue more often than not,3 but why should such gret, conservatism, and similar behavioral biases in trends continue? Much of our understanding of this all of these decisions. One way is to use rigid information. The value. This is the do- too early? Research has Sharpe ratio 0. Shefrin and Statman Skew Sharpe ratio 0.

Bonds had a lower return at 5. Commodities had the lowest return at bandwagon and the herding effect will feed on itself; 3. Finally, casts and mutual fund investors. The Sharpe formation that they already believe and take recent ratio of 0. Note price changes as representative of the future. Maximum wide range of such technical rules for investing in drawdowns also rise with the inclusion of REITs. To this end, we adopt the straight- asset allocation.

Following the method of Asness, forward but robust rule outlined below, which has Frazzini, and Pedersen , portfolio weights are been applied successfully in many asset classes, proportional to the inverse of observed volatility. The pro- , which has also been extensively tested and cess is then repeated at the end of each month. This rule states that if the price of the asset that this style of asset allocation is going to lead to class index is above its month moving average higher weightings to bonds given their low volatil- i.

Our set class as in an uptrend and it is purchased, if not results show that in each of the four risk parity port- already held. We now examine what hap- proceeds invested in U. Treasury bills. Signals are pens to the results when we adopt a trend following determined on an end-of-month basis. Consistent strategy, a momentum-based strategy, and a com- with Faber , no short-selling is permitted and bination of the two. As mentioned above, Clare, Seaton, Smith, and Thomas ex- amine whether more complex technical trading Trend Following Strategies rules, stop-losses or more frequent trading would Trend following has been an investment approach improve performance but they show conclusively used for many decades, particularly in commodities that this is not the case.

Essentially investors are looking to own assets that are showing rising pos- Panel A of Exhibit 3 shows the effect of applying itive trends returns and sell assets that are in trend following to each of the individual asset downward negative trends negative returns, fall- classes. Higher returns are observed for equities, ing prices. A number of researchers have demon- commodities, and REITs compared to their standard strated the validity of the strategy such as Hurst, counterparts with only bonds exhibiting a lower Ooi, and Pedersen in futures markets, Faber value.

The most apparent difference is in the vola- and Clare, Seaton, Smith, and Thomas tility levels. The addition of the trend following in a multi-asset context, and Szakmary, methodology sees the volatility reduced by close to Shen, and Sharma in commodities. Returns are largely unchanged between Skew There is a tendency towards less forming assets from a range of individual regional negative skewness also. These results are consistent or equivalent indices over a certain calendar time.

The ranking takes place after dividing by the Throughout our sample period, government bonds month volatility for the asset: this is done to are largely in a bull market. Interest rates decline avoid the highly volatile asset classes jumping in and substantially in many developed markets and are out of chosen portfolios Ilmanen, These chosen indices form an equally-weighted portfolio now close to zero.

The gradual decline in rates ap- that is held for one month before being recalibrated. These exceptional times offer periods moved into cash. In the case of this a substantial increase in risk-adjusted returns, along paper, the outperformance is captured through har- with lower drawdowns compared to traditional in- boring in the safe haven of Treasury bills during vesting methods. They paper report the asset allo- periods of low returns and high volatility.

We now ex- momentum strategy with portfolios formed based amine whether improvements can be made by dis- on the Top 3 and Top 5 in the rankings. There is a aggregating the asset class into the 15 individual substantial increase in return at Exhibit 4 shows the results of form- We observe that 9. Volatility is returns are somewhat lower at 8. Volatility equally-weighted portfolio and slightly higher than is also a little lower, giving a Sharpe ratio for the the risk parity version.

Overall, Sharpe ratios of 0. The equally-weighted portfolio had a the portfolios that always contain all 15 countries. At this point we emphasize the distinction between The momentum effect of buying winners and selling trend following and momentum. For instance, it is entirely possible erature by, amongst others, Jeegadeesh and Titman that all of the individual REIT indices are in an up- , We now examine momentum in a trend or downtrend at the same time.

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TREND FOLLOWING STRATEGIES (The Trend Following Bible) How Professional Traders Compound Wealth

Trend Following™ markets and sells various investment research and investment information products. Readers are solely responsible for selection. A History of Trend Following: It's Nature and Origins. The following is authored by TurtleTrader Stig Ostgaard: ON THE NATURE AND ORIGINS OF TREND FOLLOWING. Trend following has been an investment approach used for many decades, particularly in commodities markets (Ostgaard, ). Essentially investors are looking.