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Action BostonDynamics

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One of the things that makes Boston Dynamics unique is the ambition to build dynamically stable, legged machines. Marc Raibert began tackling this problem before anyone else in the world. The result is that we now know how to build walking machines of any size, shape, actuator style or powerplant. These unique designs enable our robots to conquer terrains inaccessible to others, and perform automated tasks in unstructured environments.

When can I buy a robot? Spot is available for commercial purchase by contacting our sales team. You can also contact our sales team about Stretch, our mobile robot for case handling in the warehouse, scheduled to be available for commercial purchase in We take great care to make sure our customers intend to use our robots legally.

We cross-check every purchase request against the U. Government's denied persons and entities lists, prior to authorizing a sale. In addition, all buyers must agree to our Terms and Conditions of Sale, which state that our products must be used in compliance with the law, and cannot be used to harm or intimidate people or animals, or be used as a weapon or configured to hold a weapon.

Our products are available for sale for commercial, industrial, enterprise and university research uses. Our products are not intended for purchase by individuals for non-commercial use. By building robots that have the mobility, dexterity and perception required to contribute to our modern society we strive to create a future in which humans and machines work together to improve everyone's safety, productivity and quality of life.

Read more about the ethical principles that guide our business. Do Boston Dynamics' robots use artificial intelligence? Out-of-the-box, Spot has an inherent sense of balance and perception that enables it to walk steadily on a wide variety of terrains. Police and fire departments are using Spot to get remote visibility into potentially dangerous situations. By remotely assessing a scene before taking action, police can make more informed decisions that reduce risk, improve safety, and de-escalate conflict.

Police departments use Spot to inspect suspicious packages and environments for hazardous materials or explosives, assess hostile threats remotely, and to search structurally dangerous environments in emergency response scenarios. We believe that our robots can be used to keep first responders and the public safe.

Learn more about the ethical principles that guide our policies for public safety use cases. Spot is not designed to conduct mass surveillance, or to replace police officers. We will not authorize nor partner with those who wish to use our robots in a way that violates privacy and civil rights laws.

We understand that emerging artificial intelligence technologies including computer vision and personal identification algorithms raise questions about the ethics, legality, and potential for bias around their use in the public sphere. Spot is a general purpose robot with broad applications, including potential military uses which could include remote inspection of hazardous environments, rescue operations, or logistics operations.

But our robots are not made specifically for any particular government or military purpose. As stated in our ethical principles , we will not authorize nor partner with those who wish to use our robots as weapons or autonomous targeting systems. All buyers are prohibited from such use as stated clearly in our Terms and Conditions of Sale, which prohibit weaponizing our robots. If our products are being used for harm, we will take appropriate measures to mitigate that misuse.

Our products are currently designed for industrial and commercial use. As our products and technology mature, we believe robot capabilities will continue to increase and costs decrease to the point that we will be able to offer useful and delightful consumer level products. We are as excited as you are about helpful robots in our daily lives, and with the support of our customers we will get there in the not too distant future.

Spot is a powerful, 65 lb. Once you feel comfortable creating and replaying basic missions, head back to the Autowalk page to explore more topics in Spot autonomy. Recommendation: Take control of Spot, using the controller to navigate it around the obstacle and resume or abort the mission. Recommendation: Localize the robot by moving it close to a fiducial. When the robot sees the fiducial, the controller will present the option to start recording. Recommendation: Be sure to save the mission on completion.

Re-record the mission and finish the mission download and save process to completion. All rights reserved. Skip to Main Content. Expand search. Search Search. Log in. Getting started with Autowalk Fundamentals of using the Spot Autowalk feature, relevant terminology, new user guidance, and common troubleshooting. Article Details Details In depth details for the knowledge article. About Autowalk The Spot Autowalk feature enables you to record and replay autonomous behaviors with Spot.

Autowalk consists of two parts: Recording missions : Drive Spot through a route and choose Actions for the robot to complete at points along the way. Replaying missions : At the click of a button, Spot will execute these movements and Actions as recorded, while adapting to minor changes in the environment. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the essentials of the Spot robot's Autowalk functionality before you explore the more in-depth uses of autonomy with the robot.

Once you understand this content, you will have a better sense of how to apply the robot's autonomous features to more practical applications. In this article: Terms and definitions Autowalk setup Recording an Autowalk mission Docking in Autowalk Replaying a Autowalk mission Managing missions Autowalk basic troubleshooting Terms and definitions Missions A mission defines the robot's movements and location-based Actions in the environment.

Actions An Action is a data gathering activity or a behavior that assists in a data gathering activity for an Autowalk mission or manual activation. Actions are a key part of the Spot robot's autonomous site inspection capability. For example, during a mission you may want the robot to take a picture with Spot CAM, or pose in a specific way to aim a custom payload. Call a custom callback function to download data, command a payload, power-cycle a payload, etc.

Add a docking behavior to the end of an Autowalk mission to recharge the robot's batteries and download data. Use "Go here" to mark a waypoint to navigate to on playback. Inspect the status of site properties and features such as doorways or fire extinguishers. Detect the presence of gases or radiation. Monitor environmental sound levels or temperature. Lidar scans of an industrial space. Pose to position the robot to capture data. Clicking on the red plus sign will invoke an action even when simply operating the robot manually with the controller.

Maps Maps are topological graphs consisting of waypoints and edges. Navigation Spot compares data from its sensors with saved data in the recorded mission to autonomously navigate through the environment during mission replay. Fiducials Fiducials are specially designed images similar to QR codes that Spot uses to match its internal map to the world around it. Start the Autowalk mission recording process and record the entire mission as you would normally.

Applies To Intended audience, product, software version, etc. Properties Article Number. Getting started with Autowalk. URL Name. Spot v3. Show actions for this object. Drop Files. Upload Files Or drop files. Follow Following Unfollow. Number of Views Number of Views 1. Learn how to configure fiducial sizes in our About Fiducials Access download here! As the name implies, you can also download our Fiducial PDF here. Boston Dynamics strongly encourages users to use the standard size fiducials whenever possible.

This will save you time when organizing and replaying missions in the future. EXERCISE 1: Record Spot performing a straightforward Autowalk mission in which the robot goes on a brief route and performs a few pose Actions, preferably in a flat, open area: Set up a fiducial based on the guidelines on this page under Autowalk setup. Prepare a mission path free of obstacles and will not change during this exercise. Move Spot to the fiducial and record a new Autowalk mission.

Try recording a mission route with at least 50 waypoints. Have Spot pose as an Action in at least three different areas. At the end of the route, stop recording and save the mission. Be sure not to delete the mission from this exercise, it will be useful in exercises and knowledge articles to come. If you want docking to occur in your mission it must be recorded at the end of the mission recording as described below. After recharging, repeat the process. EXERCISE 2: Let's make some very simple edits to an Autowalk mission you've already recorded: Using the mission you recorded in Exercise 1 or a new one if necessary , replay what you recorded if you have not already and monitor the robot during playback.

Try disabling one or two Actions from your mission and then replay it. Monitor Spot and pay attention to how this may change the robot's route. The robot is stuck; Spot keeps trying unsuccessfully to find a path around an obstacle. For example: a piece of equipment was moved into the path. The robot is lost; Spot declares itself lost, sits and powers down its motors, and asks the operator to intervene.

Possible cause : The recorded mission is likely out-of-date. Spot declares itself lost when it detects a significant difference between its perceived location and its apparent location on the mission route. On the controller, this may look as if the mission is veering away from the intended route. Recommendation: Re-record the mission.

Mission recording stops suddenly; the comms icon on the controller flashes yellow or red and the robot stops. Recommendation: Resolve the communications issue. Recharge batteries. Possible cause : No fiducial visible to the robot. To start recording a mission, the robot needs to localize to a fiducial as a start point reference. When selecting a mission to play back, no missions are presented and the replay fails.

Possible cause : When recording a mission, if the process is not ended by saving and downloading the mission, no mission will be presented to the operator to replay. Possible causes: The robot is lost. The robot has lost connection to the controller. The robot battery is nearly drained. The controller battery has drained. Recommendation : Relocalize the robot to a fiducial on the mission.

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