lego sets to invest in
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Lego sets to invest in

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To some people, they enjoy hearing about playing musical instruments, traveling, or snowboarding. But, to me, there is nothing wrong with talking about LEGO. One thing you should also know is that most celebrities also enjoy building LEGO sets. The company never had the intention of making their toys to be an investment platform.

LEGO sets were of high-quality and they were also affordable toys that kids enjoyed playing with. Even till now, they are still the same. All the bricks can be combined and this makes the creativity, longevity, and playability to improve. Do not quote me wrong, I never said that they are cheap; all I said is that they are affordable. If you feel that LEGOs have continued to become more expensive, then you might be wrong.

One fear I had about investing in LEGO was that the sets would become very expensive in the future, making it hard for kids to own and "play well" with. When I sat down and ponder over it again, I found out that some of the expensive LEGO creator models, Architecture models, and Star Wars sets are one of the greatest deals for investment. Generally, these sets are mostly purchased and used by adults compared to a LEGO Police Station set that a 6-year-old would love.

I would have balanced both the investor in me and the child in me. From this, you can see that the return of LEGO investment is higher than that of the stock market. This is amazing! Now that you have made up your mind to invest in LEGO, what are the things that you should consider? The same way you would check for stocks on Morningstar. Here, you will see all the information about the LEGO prices that you need. There is also a live banner that displays the necessary info that will be helpful to you.

The website will help you to make the right choice when purchasing your next LEGO set. For example. The only time you can make money from plastic bricks is when you buy them at retail or discounted prices from stores. So, visit the toy store in your area to get discounts and you can also buy from the official online LEGO shop. Never try to buy from a secondary market.

Just like every other kind of investment, you need to be patient. If you want to make money from a set, wait until it is no longer being produced before you sell it off. Try as much as possible not to sell it immediately. You should also be careful while waiting because LEGO can launch an updated version which will make your collection irrelevant. Some Minifigures are rare and are of high value.

The Star Wars or Disney minifigs are good examples. If you have planned to invest in LEGOs, you should also handle it like you would treat any other kind of investment. Avoid pleasure in the business, do not mix them. Know the objectives of your investment. If your LEGO sets have not yet been opened, they will remain valuable over the years. But if they have been used, people will still buy them, but at a lower rate because it has lost value.

This will help you if you are always being tempted to build. If you buy 2, you can use one for yourself and know that the other is for your investment. The more you buy the sets, the more the boxes fill up your vital space. This can be minimized by buying sets that are already retiring. Ensure that you can safely store these sets. Put simply, you must be able to protect all your sets. Will you invest in LEGOs today? The choice is yours to make. If you chose to, then you need to be professional about that.

Just as Warren Buffett said, your investment should be in what you know. Seek online advice and follow the above tips to be successful. Now, will you choose to make money by investing in LEGO? Have you already started to do that?

If you answer yes to these two questions, then you are on the right path to success. Investing in the stock market has a lot more wiggle room. You might need to insure that. Hello, I am thinking of purchasing from Lego themselves the millennium falcon , would you say this is a good investment and could end up like the millennium falcon ucs ?

For some reason in my country my secondary market is cheaper than the retails and lego shop itself. I got lego hospital for maybe 80 plus usd. Thanks for the advice. I just bought two of a large set, because I KNOW I will want to built one and hope to cover the cost with the sale price of the other in the future.

Email: support gameofbricks. We offer Free Shipping Worldwide. Menu Mobile. I agree and disagree with you Jay. I agree with the fact that it might take a while to sell sets, because of their size, the price or the market. Some of them were small sets with only a few hundred pieces, all the way up to sets that have thousands of pieces.

And I sold some more recent ones as well that made twice, and three times, their original price. Most of me selling is to thin out the collection because most of them are large sets in even larger boxes and it does take a lot of space to store them all. Which is very hard with what LEGO has been doing the last years. Keep up the stories Jay! I like reading these and reacting to them, and reading other peoples replies as well. Also I bought 4 mack anthems at the right time… I had a feelingv hey were going to be a increasing value… And I bought 2 excavators as soon as I seen the price rising.

I specially agree with the last part: LEGO is a good way of having a hobby, and in case you get tired or really need to sell your sets, you can get back a good percentage of the money you invested relatively easy.

But thinking about making really good business with LEGO is probably too complex. Definetely not for me. I think if I had to worry about what my Lego was worth and having to buy and sell it it would lose all attraction as a hobby. I think, too, you have to keep sets in pristine condition to realise the best gains and that presents issues in itself. I beg to differ sir! Image of Doc Holliday hoisting up his finger with a lit cigar. Take for example the beautiful imperial flagship that i initially bought for usd.

I sold it last year for almost a thousand bucks. Did I do my math right? Only if I bought more. If I was to pay myself my hourly rate I would be losing money. Rebuilding sets. If incomplete I bundle up lots of cops, firies, criminals, chima critters, ninjago characters, SW figures and minidolls and up onto FB marketplace they go. Friends coloured bricks — sell generally within a fortnight of being uploaded into my Bricklink store — the colours are cool and break up the blandness of a cityscape.

Ebay is king for selling new sets — I only buy sets for resale that have been deeply discounted and are what I would want to build myself. Rushing out to buy the latest hyped set for a quick flip is of no interest to me. Between — made enough to take a family of 6 to the US for 2 week holiday — best holiday ever.

Great piece. Enjoy reading these every Monday. But I do tell my fam that at least they should be able to recoup some money when they have to …um, sort out the estate. And I like to think that each of them will want a set or two for themselves or kids and think of me. Good post, Jay as always. That is — what else could you do with that money? Could you invest in something else that would provide you regular income? Or perhaps more growth than Lego? Unless your collection is full of desirables themes and sets, as you point out.

Jay is passionate about LEGO and the endless creative adventures made possible by this complex interlocking brick system. Is LEGO a good investment? My answer to this is no, not quite. What makes an asset a good investment? Will it appreciate in value over time?

The overall size of the market Which leads on to my next point — the overall size and health of the LEGO secondary market. Thanks for readinh! Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Yup, add to that, the Tumbler, as we recently saw!