jacket vs vest
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Jacket vs vest

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There's another easy way to reduce the power draw on your bike and open up a few extra watts. Especially if you have an older bike. Replace your tail-light, brake light with an LED bulb, and you can also swap out your blinkers for LED bulbs, you will likely also need to swap out your flasher relay for an electronic one so you don't get fast flash, don't get a resistor to do that, just defeats the whole idea of the LED signals.

RoundTrip , Oct 18, I use the WarmNSafe Gen4 waterproof because it is windproof and gives me a second use as an off-bike shell. It also makes a good windproof shell on a lighter summer jacket. With my gear, this takes me comfortably into the low 30's. A more winter rated outer jacket than mine would also make a difference but I don't intentionally ride in those temps anymore.

ADV Sponsors. VACommuter , Oct 18, If you are going to do heated gloves too get the full sleeved jacket. I have a vest and threading the cables up the sleeves of my outer coat is annoying. I am pretty happy with my older gerbings vest and gloves. I bought the Aerostich Kanetsu vest thinking if my core was warm I would be but it didn't work so I got the sleeves that zip onto the vest. That was fairly warm but Aerostich doesn't have temperature control which I wanted; its either on or off.

It is also kind of bulky and doesn't leave room for any layering under my outer gear. It is thinner and has excellent temperature control. I love it so much I added the pants and then the socks. I doubt I'll get the gloves since I use Hippo Hands on the bars. That helps contain the heat from the grips which lets me wear thinner gloves for better feel.

I've used this setup down to single digits on the freeway for a few hours. That gets cold but not unbearable. With speeds lower than about 70 mph I stay nice and warm. It was "warming up" when I thought to snap this pic. Get the jacket instead of the vest, heated gloves are much easier with the jacket. I would also switch my lighting to LED before giving up a heated jacket and gloves powered by the bike. KingOfFleece , Oct 18, Get the jacket and a variable control. With proper windproof gear you'll run the jacket and a much lower level than full out.

Mine is 65 watts and I've never had it full up even at 28 degrees. I think it comes from riders thinking they'll only use the heat when they really need it, rather than it being a layering tool. You'll always need layers with a vest, whether it be from a thermal liner zipped into a jacket, or an add on. Otherwise, your arms are gonna freeze.

My heated jacket is my first layer anytime I need more than a T-shirt. Eventually, you need insulation to keep heat in, but I don't find that's true until into the high 40's. A good base layer makes a big difference here. I don't think anyone has upgraded from a jacket to a vest, but I'm sure a vest to a jacket happens on season 2 or 3. Deleted , Oct 19, Had a Widder vest with arm chaps for years and while the chaps were a bit fiddly it worked great.

Sadly the vest shrank a bit The key is to keep your arms warm as well, specially if you are on an un-faired bike like a GS. With the electronic controller you can keep your amp usage in check as well as not overheat yourself KingOfFleece likes this. Motomantra , Oct 19, Wear it close to the skin. I use a long sleeve T-shirt, the heated jacket Don't bother with a vest , then my outer jacket. Right Turn Clyde , Oct 19, WnS jacket. Gen4, and had Gen2 previously.

Love the option to get Long sizes. I would add that if you wear a chest protector ala Leatt the torso already has added insulation to modulate core temp. I actually have both. Even in summer touring I bring the vest as it is so compact it takes little space.

I often use it unplugged for an extra layer. When riding in the mountains its amazing how it can be sweltering hot at low elevations and cold and foggy through the passes. Wearing the vest, all I have to do is turn it up and I'm comfortable. Once it turns cold usually blew 50 I'll start to carry the jacket instead as it is usually being worn under my gear as an insulating layer and therefore doesn't take up a lot of space. Since getting bikes with heated grips I don't use electric gloves anymore but am going to get something like quick removable Hippo Hand knock offs.

So watch the flea market and get one of each. You'll enjoy the flexibility. The Shifty Jesus , Oct 20, Joined: Oct 21, Oddometer: I would like to wear a vest, because I'm not a fan of the extra bulk in the arms of my riding jacket. It can get a little uncomfortable depending on the jacket.

That being said, I stick with the jacket because when I want to be warm, I want to be warm all over. Well my own personal arc of heated gear goes like this Eclipse Vest that fit trim worn under my leather jacket then under a Darien jacket This vest was great, really warm but it was sort of bulky had added insulation and the collar was corduroy, which against cold skin was not unlike wearing grit sandpaper.

Traded a leather jacket for this jacket Aerostich Airadvantage heated vest. After all, Puddle Jumpers have the Coast Guard seal of approval. It is then buckled in the back for a tight fit. A swim vest is a special flotation device made for toddlers and small children.

They look similar to life jackets, but they do not offer the same level of protection. These vests are usually made of neoprene and zip up in the front. Swim vests do not carry the U. Most swim vests would need the child to be able to tread water until help arrived.

Most parents assume Puddle Jumpers are the safest option for little ones in the water. I even had my son in a Puddle Jumper his first several times in the water after all my friends recommended one. Recently though, this once-beloved flotation device has been catching a lot of heat.

Swim vests of all types are presumed guilty of the same crimes. The next time you see a kid in a Puddle Jumper or a swim vest, observe how they swim. Thanks to the bulky Puddle Jumper, wearers end up swimming upright. The natural position for swimming is horizontal and face down. This allows for the arms to sweep and the legs to kick. Plus, wearables like Puddle Jumpers and swim vests give children unearned confidence around water. Most of these children had often worn Puddle Jumpers or swim vests prior to the incident.

When children swim unaided in their Puddle Jumper, they believe they are swimming on their own. This leads to small children believing the water is safe and that they can enter the water without parental help. Simply put, none of them.

Consider the countless drownings of children who slip past parents and fall into backyard pools. In a scenario like that, a child needs to be able to swim and keep their head above water until help arrives. If they have never learned how to swim without a flotation device, that fall into the pool quickly becomes a tragedy.

Instead of depending on swim vests in pools, focus on proper swim classes, and teaching your child to stay alive in a water emergency. For places with potential life and death scenarios, like in the water, making the right choice can be overwhelming. If your child is on any sort of watercraft, a life jacket is an absolute must. These situations bring your child out onto open water where they can end up unconscious in an accident and waiting on a rescue in the water. However, if your child is fully supervised while swimming in a pool, a flotation device might be a hindrance, especially to those learning to swim.

In the simplest of terms, always use life jackets on open water and try to avoid devices like Puddle Jumpers and swim vests if possible. If you have a child that needs to learn how to swim, sign up for swimming lessons at your home or community pool today!

One of our experienced Sunsational Swim Instructors will teach your child how to swim the right way and come to the convenience of your own pool! Toggle navigation Toggle navigation Sunsational Swim School. Swimming Gear 8 Min Read. Swim Vest vs Life Jacket A swim vest is a special flotation device made for toddlers and small children. Call Us at to book your Swimming Lessons Today. Search Icon. Triathlon Swim Training Water Safety.

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