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Hindi urdu controversy started investing america forex

Hindi urdu controversy started investing

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Urdu is used in our Parliament debates. If these words are being used for all people of this country, then how can Urdu be called the language of one particular religion? While Dr. This is because, he said, it is imbued with deep religio-cultural connotations. Basically it is Riwaaj.

Without these words, its entire romanticism would collapse. On social media, Urdu is common. People use it on their Instagram stories, when they fall in love, when they have a breakup, when they are lonely. This usage is, most often, Urdu in English or Hindi.

Most people who can recognise the Urdu words because of their close resemblance to Hindi can feel the romantic punch of Urdu but do not know its script. Could this romanticisation of the language be harmful? Jawed does not think so. The popularity of Urdu is not limited to litterateurs; I have seen young doctors, engineers, MBA students be equally drawn to it.

However, arriving at a language without knowledge of its script might prove dangerous. Haldiram's is trending on the internet after a TV channel accused it of using "Urdu" on one of their food packets. People are coming with all sorts of explanations on the issue. While some, for their sheer ignorance, are failing to understand why manufacturers use different languages, others are accusing the brands of "misleading the consumers about the ingredients using a language they don't understand.

Let's begin with which language is mostly used by Indian brands other than Hindi and English, and why? Haldiram's is a well known India-based international brand and it has a considerable market in the Gulf. In order to cater to the Arab population in the gulf countries, many Indian brands use the native language -- Arabic. India too has a long history, and sees an amalgamation of various traditions and cultures.

Every few kilometers, the language changes and with it, the preferences and sentiments attached to the language. Therefore, most of the food brands use multiple languages on their products in order to target a larger population and also be relatable in every native area. However, fact check by Indiatimes reveals that description at the back of the namkeen in question, 'Falhari Mixture' is written in Arabic and not Urdu, while the main text on the front is in English.

It also clearly displays the green vegetarian symbol. Haldirams pic. The snack contains a sweet mingle of peanuts and potatoes with mild spices. A crowd of people and a police officer could be seen witnessing the confrontation. To which the manager replied that the food inside the packet is not a health hazard. She then asked the reporter to leave the store.

The manager also said that there are other languages on the packet to be referred to, like Hindi and English. Well done to the young girl at Haldirams - she handled the dumb hate monger reporter really well. Dude now I get to know why illiteracy is quite high in India.

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Thus both intentionally started their efforts in order to get rid of the language of the Muslims. The first effort was made at the start of the nineteenth century when a new language was formed with the name Hindi in which words of pure Arabic, Persian and Turkish were removed and replaced by Sanskrit words. The combined organized effort started in the second half of the nineteenth century. In the Hindus of Banaras presented a request to their government regarding the replacement of Urdu with Hindi and its Persian script with that of Devnagri script.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan at that demand remarked that when even the language of a nation is not safe at the hands of other nations in a region, it would be unwise to continue living with them. So Sir Syed, who was in fact a great advocate of Hindu-Muslim unity prior to that incident, started focusing on the cause of Muslims alone.

His Scientific Society Gazette presented articles on the importance of Urdu. Similarly, some Muslim newspapers like Noor-ul-Absar and Banaras Gazette also took the responsibility to safeguard their language. The anti-Urdu process continued when in the Lt. Governor of Bengal G. Cambell banned Urdu in the province at all levels, courts, administration and even schools.

P, Sindh, and Oudh etc. Meetings were held of the Hindus in which thousands of them signed memorials supporting the cause of elimination of Urdu. In during the visit of Hunter Commission, a commission formed by the English government to analyze the spread of modern English education in India, Hindu organizations again tried to attack Urdu.

They held meetings with its chairman, Dr. Hunter and tried to force him to admit Urdu as the foreign language and to promulgate Hindi, the native language, for educational purposes. But in this mission they remained unsuccessful due to the constant efforts of Sir Syed and his comrads.

The circumstances became even more hard for the Muslims and their language when Anthony MacDonnel became the governor of UP in He was a pro-Hindu and thus anti-Muslim. So after becoming the governor he dismissed Urdu as the official language of UP, which was in fact considered to be the home of Urdu language.

Urdu writers came to believe that with the resolution of , their language would become extinct. Several organisations sprang up with the objective of defending and promoting the Urdu language. Chief among these was the Anjuman Taraqqi-e-Urdu Society for the progress of Urdu which was set up in Also read: How Hindi travelled to these five countries from India.

Though the resolution of did not actually bring much of a change in the official and popular usage of the two languages, it did embitter Hindu-Muslim relations for decades to come. Many believe that the Hindi-Urdu controversy of the 19th century contained the seeds of Muslim separatism, and found itself finally manifesting in the Partition of the country.

The religious dichotomy between the two languages acquired further currency when Pakistan adopted Urdu as its national and official language, and India adopted Hindi along with English as its official language. The hindi-urdu controversy of the north-western provinces and oudh and communal consciousness by Christopher King. One language, two scripts: the hindi movement in nineteenth century north india by Christopher King. Modern India, by Sumit Sarkar. Language, religion and politics in north india by Paul R.

Adrija Roychowdhury Adrija writes long, researched features on history, world and national Must Read. Novelist Amrita Pritam wrote in Urdu even though she was not a Muslim. Wikimedia Commons. Premium Big shortfall in hiring of ex-servicemen across govt depts, posts: Data. Bhartendu Harishchandra, also known as the father of Hindi literature. Express Subscription Check out our special pricing for international readers when the offer lasts.

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