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Couch potato investing rrsp deadline startforex

Couch potato investing rrsp deadline

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Google, Facebook, Netlix and Spotify are among the companies ranked for going above and beyond when it comes to their employee benefits provision, according to…. Eckler has appointed Nick Gubbay as a senior consultant in its group benefits practice. Here are some news items to watch this week: CPPIB: The pension fund manager will report is results for the final three months of on…. Job prospects for women are looking increasingly bleak as the so-called fourth industrial revolution puts female-dominated industries at imminent risk.

In Canada, where the traditional…. Half 48 per cent of dog owners are willing to leave their current job for a more pet-friendly employer, according to a new survey by…. An article on the possible surge of disability claims linked to long-haul coronavirus and remote work injuries was the most-read story on BenefitsCanada. Samsung Electronics Co. Capital Park Cambridge is a hectare campus with about…. The University Pension Plan is appointing Kathy Johnson as chief engagement and strategy officer and Andrew Naples as senior director of engagement.

Johnson will lead…. The average Canadian defined benefit pension plan saw improvements in its solvency position in May, according to LifeWorks Inc. An investment portfolio…. Home News Page Top Stories in News Uncategorized Manulife partners with Vitality to reward healthy living Manulife Financial Corporation has reached an agreement in Canada with The Vitality Group Vitality to introduce life insurance that rewards people for healthy living. Uncategorized What are the top 5 employee benefits?

The five most common employee benefits offered by Canadian employers are health and dental insurance, group life insurance, training expenses, vehicle allowances, and gifts and awards,… By: Jennifer Paterson February 9, September 13, According to a statement from Aon Hewitt, the transaction strengthens its suite of… By: Jennifer Paterson February 9, September 13, In that speech,… By: Staff with files from wire services February 8, September 13, But now consider a situation where you own three or four small-cap tech stocks with the goal of replacing these with a total-market ETF.

Now I would recommend selling the stocks immediately, because holding a small number of individual companies puts you at risk of very large losses and completely undermines your goal of building a more diversified portfolio. Will your tax rate change next year? But now consider some different scenarios. Maybe you plan to take a sabbatical or a parental leave next year, which would put you in a lower bracket.

That would be an argument for deferring the whole gain until next year, since it would be taxed much more favourably at that time. What time of year is it? You could sell a third of the holdings in December, another third a few weeks later in the new year, and the rest the following January. You could then fill out Form T1A Part 3 to have the losses carried back to offset some of the gains you previously reported.

Capital losses can be carried back for up to three years. As you can see, there are several factors to consider when liquidating a taxable portfolio, but overall I recommend making the transition as soon as you can. Based on the performance of my mutual funds, they have underperformed broad-based index ETFs by more—in some cases much more—than the difference in MERs.

This presents a compelling case to liquidate Canadian high-fee, underperforming mutual funds quickly. My year-old father recently asked me to have a look at his finances. As I expected, his investments consist of overpriced, actively managed mutual funds. My plan is to sell enough now to get him to an appropriate asset allocation and then sell the rest over a couple of years to eliminate all the overpriced funds. If we do nothing and wait until his estate is being settled, then all the capital gains will be realized in the same year and the overall taxes payable will be higher.

Darren: Thanks for the comment. The reluctance to realize capital gains always needs to be weighed against the risk of holding stocks that could fall dramatically in value. Your father has neither the time horizon nor the need to take on so much risk. And as you point out, anyone who does not have a spouse should consider realizing gains late in life to avoid a potentially huge deemed disposition on the final tax return.

Taken together it would seem wise to take some gains and reduce the risk in this portfolio. I did this Jan Sold all my cad dividend stocks I purchased in and At the time of sale, TSX was down, so paid less capital gains. But still had to pay tax. Dividends and gross up on tax return were causing significant clawback to CTB. Since this goes for 18 years and is risk free money, I decided to keep dividends out of non-reg and index to reduce risk of bad stock picks in the future.

RSP contribution netted a large tax refund, and helped offset the capital gains tax. Then it lowered net income, which will give me more CTB this year. Tax and risk free. I chose Ishares because of liquidity and AUM. Also if shit hits the fan I want to sell bonds and rebalance. So liquidity is important with a strong ETF provider.

So he is right, stock picking risk is there. Another variable would be RRSP contribution room. Someone with contribution room could more easily sell unregistered investments and move the resulting funds over to an RRSP and cancel out the capital gains, at least partly.

CCP: Good article, but you forgot to mention the deffered sale charges DSC that could apply to the mutual funds when selling the units. On a more advanced subject, investors should check their effective marginal tax rate EMTR prior to their decision to sell their units in a taxable account. They could pay much more than their tax rate by selling part or all of their taxable investments. Sometimes, it could save taxes to sell more even if that mean the marginal tax rate MTR will be higher as the EMTR will be lower this way.

I am in a somewhat related situation with my RRSP account. So my question really is, should I just sell them and go all in on the CCP ETFs, or hold them as they are experiencing great performance? I do want to just simplify everything … but wisely.

Should I sell my mutual funds and move it to ETFs now or should I keep them since they are doing well? I had stopped contributing to those recently and planning to make lump sump investments at a different broker for ETFs. I had planned to keep the e-series as they are, and grow ETFs from this point forward.

I was wondering about putting stops on my stocks or just selling at market value? Putting in stop orders is really just guesswork, and it could be a long time before one of the limits is reached and the order gets filled. Good day! The only thing holding me back is that the markets are at a high. Would it be more prudent to wait for a setback and then invest the lump sum? Or use dollar cost averaging and get my money in without trying to time the market?

Steven: Waiting for setback is, by definition, market timing and not recommended. Moving forward, I hope to continue index investing in a personal account. However, I am hoping to keep this as simple as possible. I was told to open a td e series account for my non registered account as it would make acb tracking easier.

Is that correct or would it be just as easy to use wealthsimple or continue independently with questrade? Thank you. I can say from experience that Questrade does not seem to properly adjust ACB for return of capital and reinvested capital gains.

I went ahead and switched over to ETFs a couple of months ago, now the stock market is at an all-time high, but all my ETF portfolio is down…how does that happen. Would it be advisable to attempt some form of dollar cost averaging instead of switching all at once to have some protection from market volatility? Augustus: The assumption here is that you are already invested, not sitting in cash.

So are not changing your market exposure by switching all at once. I enjoyed listening to your podcast. I have funds in registered accounts and just moved them around with a financial advisor. The costs are huge! I like your approach and it makes a lot of sense to me. My question is, what fees will I have to pay to remove the money from the funds with clarington and fidelity?

I read an article that you wrote about TD E series and I think that is a good option for me. One thing that I would like to say is that I have lost the most amount of money since June when I made the switch; more than I have throughout all of my investing so far. Connie: If your mutual funds have deferred sales charges DSCs you can call the fund companies directly and ask them to provide you with a schedule for these fees.

They will let you know how much you can sell today without cost, the total fee if you sold everything today, and when the DSCs expire. You can then determine whether it makes sense to divest gradually. Yes, unfortunately just about everything both bonds and equities are down in the last few months. Thank you for your response. I look forward to listening to your remaining podcasts and the new ones to come.

I assume by equivalent you mean in terms of what their exposure is ie if you sell an ETF that contains only the top Canadian companies, you want to buy one that also contains pretty much the same companies. Yes, the share price of the ETF is totally irrelevant: all that matters is the total value of the holding. It was holding RBF and other expensive funds. Can I contact the fund company? Is that the way I can get the information now, in order to make my decision within 30 days?

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Couch potato investing rrsp deadline Oh, interesting! They could pay much more than their tax rate by selling part or all of their taxable investments. When mutual funds have realized capital gains they usually distribute them in the form of new shares with a corresponding decrease in NAV. So my question really is, should I just sell them and go all in on the CCP ETFs, or hold them as they are experiencing great performance? The five most common employee benefits offered by Canadian employers are health and dental insurance, group life insurance, training expenses, vehicle allowances, and gifts and awards,… By: Jennifer Paterson February 9, September 13,
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