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Find growth stocks

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I have written about several interesting investment trends for in this article: 6 Top Investment Trends However, contactless and digitalization of payments is part of a multi-year secular growth driver in payments, with COVID as just the latest accelerator. This is in addition to your typical beneficiaries of this digital payment trend, stocks such as MasterCard and Visa.

As confinement measures were introduced around the world, out-of-home and cinema advertising shrank almost instantly; print advertising also fell. Meanwhile, in-home media usage went up. TV viewership has climbed, but digital consumption has increased even more: the use of social platforms and streaming services has risen almost everywhere; gaming has also grown dramatically.

Advertisers have adapted by following consumers, which means prioritizing digital advertising. This spending shift is creating a huge opportunity for companies that excel at reaching consumers online. There has been a significant shift in consumer preferences towards digital health solutions which is likely here to stay. Digital health is the provision of healthcare through the use of technology so that it can supply cutting-edge services to improve health outcomes such as.

However, do note that the competition might be rather intense in its core business of selling smartwatches or wearable devices, an area in which the pound gorilla, Apple, shares a slice of the market pie. These are just a few of the macro shifts that are taking place in our society today. The next time you notice one happening, do a little research to see if any companies will benefit from the trend. Wall Street fund managers usually have huge research budgets at their disposal to find great businesses.

It can be an eye-opening experience to pick through their recent buys and sells to see that stocks they like. There are several growth fund managers that I like to follow and they are a wonderful source of stock ideas. Here are a few of my favorite growth investors.

He believes investors should target 10 to 15 moated businesses that can compound at high rates over time and make a long-term investment in them to create major wealth. She believes that ARK can identify large-scale investment opportunities in the public markets resulting from technology innovations centered around DNA sequencing, robotics, AI, energy storage, and blockchain technology.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Stephen Mandel founded Lone Pine Capital 23 years ago and boasts one of the best long-term track records in the industry. In the latest filing, his fund purchased growth stocks such as DataDog, Zoom, and Booking Holdings, although his largest addition in the quarter was to PayPal Holdings and Facebook.

His largest holding is in Shopify. There are also a plethora of websites out there that make it easy to track and rank what notable growth investors are doing, including Dataroma, TipRanks , and Guru Focus. Growth investors can visit any of these sites and quickly learn what many big-time money managers have been buying and selling in recent months to come up with stock ideas of their own. There are several stock screeners out there for investors to choose from, however, my personal favorite FREE screening website to use is FinViz.

This website has data on more than 7, companies and investors can input different parameters to help them find stocks that fit their criteria. Another useful screener which I believe ranks among the very best is this website called Stock Rover. The above-highlighted screeners are predominantly centered on fundamental criteria. For those who wish to use a technical platform to find growth stocks that are trending or having strong momentum, I personally use the Traders GPS platform which is a proprietary platform that is developed by Collin Seow.

Collin runs the Systematic Trading Course that was recently voted the Best Investment Course to take in Singapore by Seedly, with close to 1, reviews written 4. Once I have identified a growth stock that meets my fundamental criteria, I will head over to the Traders GPS platform to better time an entry. Another growth stock which the platform has recently identified is Datadog, a stock which growth investment guru Stephen Mandel also owns. This is considered very small in the context of US stocks but it ensures that I exclude penny counters while yet at the same time take into consideration small-cap stocks that have multi-bagger potential.

Sales growth : A key metric when evaluating growth stocks is how fast are these companies growing their sales. While they might not yet be profitable on the bottom line, they are at least growing their top-line by a high double-digit rate every year. Gross margins : I will like my growth stocks to be one that generates a high level of gross margin. This demonstrates a certain level of pricing power. I have previously written about SaaS companies that have high gross margins.

These are companies I like which have both a recurring revenue business model which is also of a high margin nature. This ratio compares the amount of total debt that a company has to its shareholder equity, which can be thought of as the net worth of the business. While there is no bullet-proof formula for creating the best list of growth stocks, using screening tools like Finviz and Stock Rover can be a great way to identify potential winners in their early stages.

LHC Group Inc provides post-acute health care services to patients through its home nursing agencies, community-based services agencies, hospice agencies, and long-term acute care hospitals. Its hospices provide end-of-life care to patients with terminal illnesses through interdisciplinary teams of physicians, nurses, home health aides, counselors, and volunteers.

Its other service segments are Home and community based, Facility-based, Hospice, and Healthcare Innovations. Growth Investing is seen as riskier for two main reasons. Take for example the stock Fastly. It is a fast-growing counter that is still loss-making. That volatility is why, while it generally makes sense to have a minimum five-year timeline when investing in the stock market, growth-focused investors benefit from an even longer horizon.

Growth investors have to be willing to take on risk, but the rewards can be great. Many mutual fund investors use growth funds as investment vehicles to get exposure to good growth stocks. Whether you choose to invest in a growth-focused index fund or take the time to individually find stocks with high-growth potential, growth investing can help you reach your long-term financial goals. If growth investing feels too risky for you, consider the value investing approach.

Value investing looks more at whether a stock is attractively valued than at its future growth prospects, seeking to find out-of-favor companies that have had their share prices unfairly beaten down. However, do note that Value Investing has been a laggard vs. Investing in growth stocks can be exciting. Beyond looking at just a few key financial metrics which I highlighted that one can use to screen for potential growth stock candidates, there are other traits of which makes a growth stock a GREAT one.

In the meantime, investors who are looking to find new ideas for growth stocks can look to do their screening using both free and paid screening tools or follow some of the most well-known investors who specialize in growth stock investing. The best growth stocks are typically those that have mass-consumer appeal while yet possessing strong economic moats such as a network effect which enhances their value proposition.

However, finding such stocks are never a walk in the park. Investors might potentially need a relatively long investment horizon to benefit from these growth stocks. Do Like Me on Facebook if you enjoy reading the various investment and personal finance articles at New Academy of Finance. I do post interesting articles on FB from time to time which might not be covered here in this website.

Disclosure: The accuracy of the material found in this article cannot be guaranteed. Finding growth stocks in a great niche -- companies that excel at one thing and are emerging from the pack in doing so -- are companies that can turn a profit for years to come. Any company that sells a product or service with a loyal customer base and that is pouring money into the research and development necessary to put a stranglehold on that niche is worth looking into as a potential growth stock opportunity.

Taking a closer look at a company's recent trading history can also a reveal growth stock winner. For example, if an emerging company is showing a stock price history of higher highs and higher lows, that's a sign the company is trending upward with investors and might be ready to take off. To gain a clearer insight into a company's trading patterns, leverage technical indicators like moving averages, which can help you drill down deeper into the micro-trends behind a growth company's share price.

Thus, digesting great growth investing books like "Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks" by Frederick Martin and "One Up on Wall Street" by legendary fund manager Peter Lynch maybe the greatest growth stock pickers of all time can make you a better growth stock analyst - and you'll learn a lot more about the financial markets in the process.

After all, you don't own a crystal ball and it's not always apparent that a company is set to become the next Amazon or Apple. What you can do, however, is vastly increase your chances of finding good stocks by applying strong fundamental analysis, recognizing profitable trends, and learning as much as you can about how growth stocks work, and how the stock market works, in general.

Do that and you'll be parking some of the best growth stocks available in your investment portfolio sooner than you think -- and with substantial profit opportunities to follow. TheStreet Smarts. Free Newsletters. Receive full access to our market insights, commentary, newsletters, breaking news alerts, and more. I agree to TheMaven's Terms and Policy.

Choosing the Best Growth Stocks The first step in selecting good growth stocks for your portfolio is identifying their key characteristics. Here are some other defining characteristics of strong growth stock opportunities: They Have Good Financial Fundamentals A deep dive into a growth stock's financials can reveal a great deal about its share price potential.

Any fundamental analysis growth stock research campaign should cover the following areas: The balance sheet. This shows the assets, liabilities, and capital of a company at a specific point in time, including the balance of the company's income and expenditure over the preceding period. Cash flow. A company's cash flow represents the net amount of cash flowing inside and outside of a business.

Cash flow is key to a company's financial growth prospects, as its ability to generate sustainable positive cash flow is a good indicator of solid financial health and usually leads to share price growth. Income statement. A company's income statement is a basic document that shows a business's profit and loss along with a statement of earnings.

The income statement is deemed by economists to be a company's most important fundamental financial document, as it reports the company's revenues, expenses, gains, losses, and the final net income for the company in a specific period like a quarter or a year. The Company Is a Trend-Setter If you're at home watching Netflix or having a latte at Starbucks, as a consumer, you're already immersed in a trendsetting experience.

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How to Find Growth Stocks Before They Gain 1000%

#1 Look for Small & Mid-Cap Stocks. #2 Dividend Payout Ratio is 50% or lower. #3 Track Record of Growth.