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The main focus of the biopharmaceutical company is diseases involving liver and cancers, as these diseases are defined genetically. Dicerna makes use of an RNA interference technology, patented by Dicerna itself. The RNAi molecules are proprietary. Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc. This is a rare, inherited, autosomal, recessive disorder.

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The f a ir value of financial instruments that are traded in active markets at each reporting date is determined by reference to quoted market prices or dealer price quotations bid p ri c e for l o ng positions a n d ask price for s h or t positions , without any deduction for transaction costs. The f a ir value for financial instruments traded in active marke t a t the b a la nce sheet date is based on their quoted market price or dealer price quotations bid p ri c e for l o ng positions a n d ask price for s h or t positions , without any deduction for transaction costs.

For t h e sell position, the value returned by SellStoploss increases by the value of spread, because the sell position is close d b y the Ask price. For e x am ple, if Customer has purchased a long open position a n d the m a rk e t Ask Price i n cr ea se s , the T r ai ling Stop [ The participating States requested UNESCO to draw attention to the desirability of debating this topic in the General Assembly an d t o ask for the c o ll aboration of the United Nations and other competent United Nations agencies in the elaboration of an international convention on doping in sport and to transmit to the General Conference of UNESCO at its 32nd session a proposal for the proclamation of an international year for physical education and sport for submission to the United Nations General Assembly.

The p r oc ess had been difficult at first but over time, through dialogue and political will, significant progress had been made, enabling people to begi n t o ask for f o rg iveness and be forgiven. However, the Board questioned the economic factors underpinning. On the market for electricity and electric power, the increase in regulated rates for the electricity supply and. It's a visual. How can Israel or the international commu ni t y ask the P a le stinian side to engage in negotiations on en di n g the o c cu pation in o rd e r for t h em to finally gain their independence in their own State when the occupier [ United Nations resolutions and to take more and more land, totally impairing the viability of the Palestinian State?

Index CFDs aim to reflect the fair value of the underlying index, b u t the a c tu al bid a n d ask price m a y differ slightly fr o m the a c tu al index level. Thus, special treatment has been fore se e n for r e ne wable energie s i n the L a w o f the E l ec trical Sector of 22 November , guarante ei n g the a c qu isition by national utilitie s o f the e l ec tricity produced from renewables at a price t h at ensures their economic viability and ulterior development, as reflected in a Royal Decree of 23 December establishing the mechanisms and incentives enabling Spain to increase from 7 per cent [ Moreover, States could negotiate for a l ow e r price for a sp ecific medicine with a pharmaceutical compan y o n the b a sis o f price d i ff erentiation, or opt for voluntary licensing, while ensuring that such price differentiation was not abused by re-exporting the same medicine.

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More popular! Some examples from the web: Or if you take a cab in front of arrival hall on the street, before you get in the car ask for the price , because some companies or independent taxis are very expensive. Possibility of long term rental, ask for the price Do not ask for the price , because when reading this you already know it's 2. Ask for the price for higher category rooms. For further sales information about Super-Flash and other Automa products, please ask for the Price List from:.

For the dorm and Single room 24 Hours but please Ask for the price. We can also customize the finish to suit your needs with a color sample! Ask for the price on line and book on our website Skimium. Some differences in our prices are due to::night time farean exact distance to the destination for ex. Yes, you shouldn't ask for the price You know, if you ask for it, you can't afford it! Some examples from the web: asking for the price Regarding the price: we receive lots of emails from our friends asking for the price.

Okay, you know what, Kenny, rather than asking for the top price maybe we should use the bids to, like, drive the price up. For the asking price of Badiula the team has provided a fantastic performance. So, an excellent player, especially for the asking price. For the asking price structure is really good. Probably have to knock five percent off my asking price for the list. And 'spartan place, where they serve breakfast or anything, but for the asking price I would say perfect.

A little yes, here and there you can hear it, but once more, for the asking price , this is insignificant. The asking price for the whole lot is The lady was nice and helpful but the breakfasts served, for the asking price , no big deal. But, of course, there are a few minor points to criticise. The first asking price for the property when we looked at it in was one billion dollars for acres and a couple of mines.

For the asking price , the Maverick D2 is outstanding value for money, the build quality is excellent and the service from the team at Maverick first rate. But for the asking price , the Octave is quite amazing and if you like its personality then I don't think you will be able to better it at double or perhaps even triple the money.

Eitan was complaining that you're asking too much for the bride price. The asking price for the property is 70, euro; the approximate cost for technical charges and completion of the works is 35, euro.

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Zero level non investing comparator mc How Much Did It Cost? Bid and ask prices are set by the market. The examples I will provide here will be primarily situational, which will undoubtedly help you ask for the price in better ways. This is a very polite and formal expression to ask for a price. Many of us experienced accidents car, bus, bike, etc.
Ask for price In general, the smaller the spread, the better the liquidity. The ask is always higher than the bid ; the difference between the two numbers is called the spread. The bid is the price a buyer is willing to pay for a security, and the ask will always be higher than the bid. This is a polite expression for asking for the price like the previous one. Bid-ask spreads can vary widely, depending on the security and the market. For over-the-counter stocks, the asking price is the best quoted price at which a market maker is willing to sell a stock. You can use this expression to talk to anybody about ask for price price, even to someone you have met for the first time.
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K stocks forex cfdc online When we shop from super shops, we usually check the price by ourselves, but of course, we can ask for help from others. This finance -related article is a stub. Level: Pre-intermediate. ESL Worksheet: Shopping. If you are in a super shop and wondering how much the can of cashew nuts costs that you are holding or pointing to, you can ask the Sales Assistant by saying—. Authority control: National libraries Germany.
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Ask for price No matter whom you talk to about the price of anything, you are expected to use a polite voice tone and appropriate body language. How to Ask for a Discount in English. A wider spread makes it harder to make a profit because the security is always being bought at the high end of the spread and sold at the low end. You can easily use them in your real-life situations too. The ask price, on the other hand, refers to the lowest price that the owners of that security are willing to sell it for. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace.
The financial planning process concludes with efforts to Popular Courses. A Table of Contents hide. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. We usually use this expression to ask someone directly about the price of something. This compensation may impact how and where listings appear. If you need to practice English Grammar and test your level of competence, click here to take quizzes.
Who won on forex Investopedia is part of the Dotdash Meredith publishing family. Personal Finance. When we want to buy something, we must know the price, and at times we may need to negotiate with sellers. If you cannot approach the seller appropriately, it might be challenging to negotiate the price. These allow small traders to view competitive prices in ways that only large financial institutions could do in the past.

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Ask price, also called offer price, offer, asking price, or simply ask, is the price a seller states they will accept. The seller may qualify the stated asking price as firm or negotiable. Firm means the seller is implying that the price is fixed. How to Ask for the Prices in English ; 1) How Much Is This? ; 2) How Much Are These? ; 3) How Much Does This Cost? ; 4) What Is the Price of This? ; 5) What Is the. The ask price represents the minimum price that a seller is willing to take for that same security. A trade or transaction occurs when a buyer in the market is.