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Unaico ipo

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Unaico ipo The more you help distribute our good news as well as your own through your own blogs and communications about Unaico and SiteTalk, the more positive affects and feelings we will create in search engines. Unaico 1. The Direct Selling Association represents the interest of legitimate network marketing companies around the world, and is represented by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. Best price. We are Saying to you with a challenge and a solution to ensure our long-term future. Online Marketing.
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Unaico ipo The conversion rate of OFCs to shares will be discretionarily decided by Unaico based on the market valuation. Previous page. Ensure your First and Last name entered is the same as on the documents to be submitted for your Personal Account for KYC these 2 fields should only contain English characters. This will leave your teams with another goal to set and achieve in their lives. No customer reviews. United Trustee Association. Fast Growing.
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So, the same as with all other social networks. Why complaining then..? I would also discourage all such actions, because as I can read all around the web it is almost impossible to erase your profile and your personal information and data at sitetalk.

I can use my credit-card in almost every store in the hole world.. But if I were you I know what I would have done. U pitty fool……. So please front this company and u will get into big problem later when everything fell apart as we expect it to do. That means these guys have experience in making legit-looking scams, so for a pyramid it will run for quite a long time before it collapses. It will also give a lot of money to those close to the top.

Personally I must say that it really is a beautiful scam. Those guys are very good. I suppose experience pays off. But they too learn as they go along. Their experiences also will pay off. Sooner or later scammers will make a mistake even Einstein made some, and — even if smart, I believe that — they are from Einstein : … so they will stumble, just a little, but enough to get cought … and: game over.

But than … new scam will emerge somewhere and the big hunt could start all over again … because for most people on earth money really makes the world go around. Everything is explained on Unaico page. Every one can be free member, but if someone want to take business opportunity then he need to buy products for BV or BV or BV or he buy package for euro or euro or euro in which he has products for that money, and he can use that products as I use mine. If you can help me I appreciate that.

Not only my opinion. You can earn as free member, after all have you ever seen some opportunity to earn without investing money think about this…. Like for everything else, there is no guarantee for anything in this world, especially after world crises. Am I smart NO, I just risk and that pay out.

I bought 10 packages for euros in August, now those options have value of This is my experience. So now tell me did any one scammed me. Because no one of us here is expert in this fields, and everything that you speaking here is only YOUR speculation, whit out any foundation.

Every product on this planet has buyer. Do you need that or not, that is your problem. If you missed that, you can sell your options after 2 months from the day of purchase. Some people are really stupid as free meber you can earn money the launch begins on the 12th of march. You dont have to buy a package of or only if you want to. Once again, prove me how they scammed me. Of course that you earn from packages, because there are products in it. And margin from those products is splitting between Unaico and his members.

If you are some MLM Giant, then you must know where is difference between pyramid and network marketing. From you post I concluded that you are MLM newborn…wait few more decades to be giant. You are not investing in anything, you are buying products which are included in packages, options are gift from Unaico.

And I am not going to repeat myself. I see no point in it? You are just too stubbern or plain stupid to get it. Gryphon, I share your point of view. A few people still write here, this is a scam. But do not have any idea how this system works. They pretend to care about others, not to have been deceived, and in fact write to write, or write to order competition. Well, the truth is: I just hate it! Simple as that.

I hate your Sitetalk shit and your poor arguments and your attitude …. And what do you do …. In any case far far far younger than Dan Andersson who has 51 years. And if someone believe in your opinions, than he is pretty much dumb as you are. Well, somebody else found it I will let him know, that you think he made a mistake :.

But I see, that you want to make a big case out of this. I want argue anymore, because now I see that your IQ is Sitetalk is afraid of truth … only betraying people, they sure know how to do that. So nothing new! Hmm I read this blog since 4 hours.

Thank u all to participate about sitetalk and unaico. Sitetalk declare that they will give money from 12th march. In Scandinavia there is no one who touch this, why? If you belive one sec this people have a clean records, u must be from another plant, and the worst id Jarle Thorsen , he stole money and the idea from another company to create this, before that he was with Frode orgensen in Plexpay network, Frode end in Jail were Jarle also should be, and members lost millions, this is still a case in Norway and they link this to Unaico-Sitetalk, so dont be suprised if Frode is inviolved as well in this.

Not concurrent to Facebook LOL!!! Unaico were you idiots belive u will make money, never and you must be a person Jarle Thorsen brain wash ha ha ha ha…. No prove for everything you said yet. This business system is not a scam. It is justice for its purpose for greedy should pay. Consciousness and consciense will always prevail. Big Brain……. I just try this business in spite of the negative things… Well, You write anything, but It works for me ….

Hi all … i think you can also join site talk for free. However financial model must be governed by the local and Internationale authorities of DSA. Take a look what Wikipedia says about Enigro… Nothing that would make me join the site. Translated by using Google translating tool :. Enigro from Wikipedia, the free encyklopedia: Enigro is an international networking company registered in the Seychelles which was founded in by Norwegian Jarle Thorsen.

The company operates so-called Multi-level marketing and will have members all over the world. Enigro operates concept and Unaico Site Talk service for its members [2], as well as hedge fund investor, I-Ltd. Enigro have not established themselves significantly in the Norwegian market, but has however been very successful in Sweden.

Controversy [edit] Just a short time after the launch of the company showed the first accusations of pyramid up. Gaming Board has not drawn any conclusion about the full company, but still warns against the company. After making a preliminary assessment of Enigro, the Gaming Board of the opinion that the company has clear similarities with illegal pyramid schemes.

In April the company gained attention after the financial authorities of Slovenia issued a warning against Unaico where they stated that this company had no authorization to offer their services in Slovenia. In October the company Deloitte with a press release in which it was denied any cooperation with Unaico [9]. This is because in the promotion of Unaico and Site Talk was made allegations that Deloitte was involved in helping Unaico connection.

IPO [10]. Finance Authority advised that the investor-Ltd. Do not be fooled! U must watch this video becouse U R the dark brown bear in this parody. Have a nice life and spread forward your stupid and bullshit deficient infos! I paid EUR in , for a Gold Package, because a good friend told me it can be something later.

In mid I logged in and….. I made withdraw for EUR and let there. Yes I forgot…. And you know why I forgot? I invested in many business in many countries…some of them good, some of them bad…but this is what I do. Sitetalk-Unaico — scam? It is interesting how many semi-intelligent will believe uncertified shit. I respond to the introductory paragraph. This is a simple answer to all trading system ktirikov Sitetalk-Unaico. He already told you that he made withdraw of euros. Regarding pyramide : I did something for the money, I bought the shares in Unaico.

Bye the way : Sitetalk has today 1 users. Do you think the number of the users affect also the share value in Unaico, or not??? Uniaco claims there are no investments going on, so somebody here is lying. And I believe its Uniaco they were caught lying to all of you on numerous times and also to authorities before. How many taxes are you going to pay for your investments earnings? Is that legal in your country?

I thank the founder of this discussion. Thank you to all the negative debater who are against Sitetalk. You gave me your discussion arguments why I do it! You continue I need about 50 more arguments for their lectures. And I thank the three new members who have registered to Sitetalk through my link.

You now belong to prezidnet club. You gave me a cheap ad I found anywhere. I send all here to learn sitetalker argument against the fool all my members, and those are the th Increase the number of visits to this website and you earn on advertising. Have a nice day. Otherwise the conversation will only become full of name-calling and a trading of insults. This is not the purpose of this blog. Important facts are ….. Sitetalk-unaico is serious business. More serious than insurance. For the next 3 hodniny I logged on this blog next third Thank you Paul …..

Unaico is definite prohibited in China. Such things did make a lot of people involve in it, students gave up their classes, employees quited their jobs. Then finally, the spite spread among them, they lost friends, lost rust,complained to each other for long long time in their life. So please, if you trust it you just do it or ask some people who trust it to do it with you but first please make sure even they lose finally they will not hate you.

I can tell you that Its not late to try, because even Unaico is from , Sitetalk and the payment campaign started this month march. The number of Sitetalk users doubled in the last 6 weeks. So its just the beginning for Sitetalk. Thats why also the share value grows very fast these days…. Oh dear Friend, I think you do no understand what i mean. I need 2 more registrations today that I had a 50th.

I joined this conversation a while ago because some friends joined this killer serious business of yours : They are not my friends anymore. I know them now. Just not my kind of people. That is all. Ivansk, your competitor is not really a Facebook, I believe. Probably you know its a requirement that your users must be active, so its not enough for you if they just register and they are not active.

What I can tell you is if you explain very well about how to recommend and how to be active, your net will grow faster than you think. Once You have registered …. I have about one more. For the activity on this blog you do not pay money.

Or yes? I teach you what is activity. I teach you what is friendship. I teach you what is charity. I teach you what is money. I teach you what life is. Here is my registration link:www. Hey then why not you ask Bill Gates to join your great business? Then go, ask him to be you one foot. You will be sure to earn a lot from him. This is samir from Bangladesh. Cadabra,u can be a fool but not all people. U see facebook doesent pay a single penny to you ,but they are earning billions and billions of dollars for advertising you.

But why do u have problem with sitetalk?? You dont no anything about sitetalk and discouraging other peoples. People can earn here tottaly free by referring people under them. People get 5 cents European cents for every direct referall they make. This offer was not there before but they were testing it for few days and they are gonna officially launch it tommorow. Even I earned few For a Towah mastercard by which you can withdraw money you need to have euros.

And I will reach that target after few days and will soon buy a mastercard pack. I have some real proofs to show you gyz. This is because people are jobless over here.. Search in alexa neobux,onbux,odesk,getafreelancer. Now you know why. I will be adding more and more proofs.. If you wish.. I love SiteTalk Sorry for my bad english. I can write well but dont want to waste my time cause I got many works to do.

Very Busy.. But you have to agree that Cadabra makes some really good points. Yes I will answer the points for sure. The thing is that,I read the forum two months ago and now I came and wrote my opinion. So I am just gonna review it from the first. Let me say one thing:. If sitetalk fails you win on your advice and we loose on our time and money. But if sitetalk wins you gyz hit your head in the wall and we party.

Lets see what happens. Already one year passed. Here, It feels like A war between Sitetalkers and the people who are trying to save us from being scammed!!! Beitta, You are right in some sense.. The minus point is there in facebook.. Destroying their carrier.. It feels totally as utilizing your valuable time. People are having fun on sitetalk like crazy because when you see money so quickly rolling down to your account you feel like jumping out of the roof. And you know that that you can easily withdraw the money from your local atm anytime.

For being active you just have to login at least 3 times a week,shout a message your friends. As long as you friends are active you are gonna get money every week. Say you have active users under you. Most of my Bangladeshi leaders now have master-cards and they are withdrawing money several times. I even have a picture of the Mastercard with 30 euro cashout receipt I took it from one of my leaders to show proof to peoples Now wht I am gonna do is that that do the same thing I mentioned above.

You can compare it with a ptc program where you have to earn to upgarde.. But it is much easier and fun than ptc. The Norwegians who provide them with the necessary infrastructure know to organize themselves so that authorities can not reach them.

At the bottom are normal people who think they discovered a little secret way to earn quick money. Very few seem even tried to get their money back. And then of course you miss the chance to get rich without working. In contrast, the members who recruited other paying subscribers could pick out the cash. You are so incompetent Cadabra hahahaha LOL idiot!!!

What more than Sitetalk community do we have???? Gentlemen, … here you can print idiotic fabrications. All the best wish for the miserable. If You negative losers have balls, put full name and address in your posts. There is legal papers about SiteTalk from over 30 countries. The Agency strongly urges investors considering dealing with company UNAICO to exercise the greatest possible caution before proceeding, bearing in mind the contents of this public notice.

I wonder who he is. One thing is certain — nothing you do not care about other people and their minds. It seems to me that does it for money. Hi Pedja! Zig Ziglar is a legend in network marketing, but I can asure you that he is not a member of sitetalk. The site you refer to is an advertisement of his network marketing program which are great. Based on the views Cadrabu, ….. Thank Cadraba! Empty talk or facts ….. This idiots Jarle Thorsen and Rune Evensen to mention some, is bad news for any business, and this will blow a way as a card house soon.

The Intellisites office is located in Riga. I think their name is ISPY. They are under the command of Sebastian Greenwood, which I think is the manager of that company, and also a manager of Unaico. The vast majority of the accounts are fake and traffic is very low. This is not a community and it will never be.

The real traffic is about They are practically selling nothing!! Pay euros for What!?!? For something that does not exist??? Yeah, I always knew their users are mostly fake. They were telling people that they had millions of users on the system even before the site had any functionality!! I found that very hard to believe. Please tell me how the traffic is low if alexa rank it in this moment on 6. Thank you. Please write below those of their pearls ….. Krakatau ….

For you a secret report. Well majority of people on your network do not and will not get any money. Free memebers that get signed on the net are for sure full of fake data, and Uniaco has no means to check them out via phone books? And sitetalk is not very advanced site, so there are a lot of fake profiles for sure. They are working on that, but …. I know a case, when sombody else payed in the name of his friend this friend own him money.

So it is his name and data on sitetalk, but not his money and not his account and not his options and not his downlines. I see that you have vast experience with false identity ….. I am there, and I do not know what is happening in Sitetalku. I have available all documents, certificates, opinions of national banks, authorization … I got in the hands of real output, which I bought in this business.

I got in the hands of every week paycheck. What do you have? Poison in your mind, toxic saliva in the mouth, venomous words that I write. Your poison hurts Sitetalk ….. The poison eventually kills you …. My offer is valid. Sign Up! Maybe I can make you look like a man. And you have money seriously.

Now immediately Think ….. On Sitetalk by Alexa there are mostly: — man — well above 45 — poor education — lower income — a lot of children — from Bangladesh, Russia or Pakistan. Sound business is based on the credibility and long-term relation with the clients.

If we track the history of this company, the life cycle from start to end will be probably between two to four years. The most member will not have chance to withdraw because of the profit moduel of this business. Reputable businesses will go far away from its relation with it. Normal consumers need to know the real beneficial aspects such as discount prices, new products, convenient to use etc. We hardly find these benefits in sitetalk related products.

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, and other numerous similar social networks compete each other fiercely. The competition will dilute the advertisement clients. Innovation is usually the key to win in the competition. Sitetalk copies facebook.

Then we will see management level and technical level. We can tell even facebook will fade within ten years. We need the creativity. Capital investing in the infrastructure and genius human resource is high. Sitetalk should need more capital. In all, the revenue of the organization will mostly rely on the recruiting new member. I have already unapproved a few messages that tried to sneak in a self-promoting link.

This promotion is not …. So you delete facts …. Seriousness of this debate is 0 There are deleted facts is a serious project. Only promotes negative views. Thank you gentlemen for the exchange of ideas. Arguments you have given me enough — thank you. Unaico deals with too many different businesses sitetalk, sitetalkmall, sitetalktravel, sitetalksim,…. The result is top management resources are diluted. This could be fatal for any business.

People will have the illusion of this mammoth monster which is actually just decoration and is really not something inside. If company can not find real revenues and profits, when more members are involved, as time go on, company should satisfy its promise to pay back to members, it is the time to collapse.

One strategy for company can have excuse for the payment and waiting for the sitetalk. But we can see that the people to join the sitetalk. Once the illusion burst, people will lost the interest in this site. Meanwhile, because of these specific audiencs, other businesses will not take much ads in the sitetalk. If the last straw of the profit from the sitetalk. The red becomes deep redder.

The disaster become bigger. Certain time come, our leaders need to hide especially from Banglash, pakistan, China. Hope nothing happen. All the best wish for everyone. It could be fatal for any business, but unaico has proven to handle this. We can also see that the different new company who keep coming into sitetalk all are making progress.

Of course it because publicity. In the beginning it was average older males. Why do you think that? I will tell you why. At the start of sitetalk, about 1 year ago. Do you think this website was exiting at all? The answer is, NO, not at all. Then we know that there is some other reason why people join: — the reason was the vision, the idea of what can this can be in the future.

Most older men, know their stuffs, they have seen much and also know when there is a opportunity and when not. They often also have more money then others… Today we can see more and more younger people join, why is that? So what about the low-income? Many people from for example poor countries as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan joins. Well, if you compare with people in Europe they have a very low income. The last people who joining, will join when everyone else has join.

And they often believe that a non-credible friends argument are more correct then from somebody with much higher credibility and who knows what he talking about. The typical person is many people in this thread. You go to this blog. You read. Some people write who know about sitetalk. Some people write who think they know about sitetalk. And you are asking questions.

After some posts. You suddenly know much about sitetalk. Lets see, what do you know? You know that some people write something bad about sitetalk, and you know that sitetalk is bad. And for just clarifying, not all people do this, but many who write here. That everybody will die??? MANY… and we still alive….

I feel sorry for you because you are not in any MLM system, or something similar. You should try it. Why does it hurt if they are happy with Sitetalk and they are spending happyly theire money from Sitetalk? Does this site pay for you to write on this blog? Because I can see you started more than a year ago? If you put the same energie and time into Sitetalk, you could have cash in your hands.

Same same but different from your links to realtid articles they have just translated it and written their own articles with samme information nothing about UNAICO AND SITETALK just the people behind the company and bla bla bla, and you cadabra you can not have done much good in your life guess you kind of evil person! If you lie to your friends a lot of times, how about this time, your friends will believe?

This is dealing with your credibility which has be tainted by your historic behaviours. Now, some people want to take Pyramid schemes as their careers. What is the rate of success? Who can succeed? Time is money.

The time we spend in recruiting new member can be used to make your life more profitable and more useful. Once we are involve in one Pyramid scheme, the chances are that we feel hard to get rid of this philosophy. This is like addicted to the gambling which will ruin your life and proper career.

Once we get the get-rich-quick philosophy, our brain will shut off from common senses. The good examples are some our past Pyramid schemes leaders who will always deal with same kind of business module from one project to another.

The history is good lesson and always repeats. That is the life. Before this conversation take totally off in wrong directions, understand that all big companys have a strong management, and so fare i can see in this, we find only pyramide jumpers with no experience how to run a company, but we do know one thing they are good at, screw people for money.

I mean.. What if you are wrong about Sitetalk, and if those people miss this opportunity because you wrote what you wrote here. How will you feel? You are not impressed by my knowledge in Social media? How can u tell? In the meantime i warn all i know, and you try to tell them i am a fucking joke and they should continued to invest in this so you can earn a litlebit cash ….

You see, I never told to anyone to invest in sitetalk…I explained that before. You miss the point, if you invest money in something and that investment is rapidly growing than that investment is risky.. I earn enough money online, and never promise to anyone that something is secure, there is no such thing. Today risk is stand up Sitetalk is not my main income, this is hobby.

But after all, forums are not more places where you can find real answer, if you think so than you are wrong. We can only guess what will be in future, one side will win.. Only from time to time, few minutes on google are enough and if I find something new I post it here and on few more places.

Also on your P. Think about it. How many people will be or have already been deceived by your words? I think that you and me — both of us — have the right to have an opinion and also to express it. And people that will read it, should decide for themself whom and what will they believe. I hate sitetalk because of few now very much former friends.

They were annoying and pushy, stupid and obnoxious, so I looked deeper into this sitetalk scam. Now sitetalk annoys me even if I only hear a whisper about it :. Cadabra, I like your comments a lot. If it is really hard to post, try to move to a new related site.

Anyone can post to sitetalkunaico. I like this blog, and think that there is no point to go on another. Admin is objectiv, because of that this blog is good for commenting. Hello everyone. I found this forum while investigating on SiteTalk and found this discussion very interesting. A week ago my brother-in-law approached me and asked if I would invest some money.

At first I thought this is some kind of copy of Facebook and Skype which I am using. After further investigation I found sites like this talking about fraud and scam. My policy is to invest in more different areas and not in only one. I started with a thought I lost my money same when you go to casinos and if you win something — good, if not, consider lost money as you pay for the game, for the fun. In my opinion, system might work if they manage to collect enough users.

Apparently it is growing very fast. Also internal trading is good and options rises constantly. I know people making serious money. So, for me, this a little game. The plan is to, slowly, pull out my investment just not to feel as a fool if everything goes down and the rest will stay in. I checked, the real money pays out for now. No need to be rude on this forum.

I saw the majority here is against but the way they talk makes pros look much nicer. Just so you know: it is not stocks you are buying, it is options and Uniaco is not really licenced to sell you any of it … and options do not necessary get to the point of being real stocks. So it really is a gamble.

Thanks for that guys,I love Sitetalk even more now: You are really doing a great job: I was joining it at the September , you cant belive is still there: And it is great and it is biger and biger every day:. Which makes me think, are there really any real users apart from investors? There is a potential. I still use Skype but SiteTalk Me seems to work also. Just downloaded Android app and it is working. Free SMSes too. SiteTalk itself looks similar to Facebook. Mall is still expensive.

Cannot try travel and hotels yet but I will. What I am interested in is how they want to attract masses of free users to join in? This is the key. Facebook is nothing special but users make it special. In what way free users can make money and how much? Is it worth it to transfer from Facebook? I am not interested in recruiting too much because I am not that person but I am aware that this makes SiteTalk as it is.

Thank you Cadabra. I understand difference between stocks and options. Of course it is a gamble. It makes it more interesting. The point is are you so stupid to invest in risky deal if those EURos means a lot in your budget. I am not to enthusiastic about it.

Probably Rose is already making some money. They are in it as long as Rose is. And this people are my main problem. If someone is getting any money from Sitetalk now , he is getting it on their expenses. Nothing comes out of nothing, if you know what I mean. Now, you figure it out. Could you explain how to losing money while u buy a stock which is growing time by time?

If at the beginning, no one can seemly earn some money, How MLM business can continue, How the organization can recuit new member? The point is we need know whether this kind business can sustain and how long it can sustain. The temperature of hot potato last year was degree, this year is degree now. Maybe next year will be degree. Then,it reach the peak.

We just do not know the exact time of sky-diving moment. But, if the company never earn some money, just the investors crowded in, the result is obvious. I think they said in december or january that four of them did pay and one of them , so … 4 golden and 1 bronze? And they were trying to recruit like crazy, so ….

They were also bragging all the time that they earned a lot of money from it went to virtual pretty quick, but then some splittings occure and than … … just bragging, no proofs. This is my point and with this I have a problem. With only two of them I do talk occasionally, but not about sitetalk. I can believe that … you are not really getting rich with that.

The people I know do believe they will never have to work again. So that is their main dream with sitetalk. It is good advertisement to recruit new memmbers. I would suggest the real earners taking the picture of all earned evidence and post here. I just wonder why the earners who want to recruit more members do not take this strategy like lottery company posting the evidence of 12 million dollars winner. The problem is until when and compered to what its real value. If you want to buy share from a company, we need to check the managemet of this company.

Does this company always look after its shareholder? Do The top management personnels have the history to run good business? Is the company accountable? Please check this organization. Let me explaine for you all idiots who building BIG downlines and use this to your advance how much this childest fake virtual shares have increase last year, the day recruting stop or just start going more slow, this shares will go directly to 0,00, all will panic and start sell everything, so if anyone want to make a bet with me on this, you are welcome if you can show me MONEY…not Unaico Micky Mouse money.

To the rest of the readers and good inntelligent writers on this forum, have a wonderfull weekend. I have to agree with MLM giant: your percentages are somehow surreal. So if I withdraw everything today, that is my profit. You and small portion of them will make some profit, but the rest … you will see. Well, I think you already know this. You are not a true believer.

You do know your risks. You are only playing this game. You are a gambler. Jarle Thorsen Plexpays scammer? This is absolutely nothing, you cant imprest anyone, and why isent any one in scandinavia walked into this? All what unaico sitetalk have of value is naive members who dont know this people, and they have a cheep software they expect to be a new facebook….. What kind of laws do we have in our countries? You are in ti as a gambler, not a networker but, to be honest, you are still part of a problem, just not as big as the leaders of this and those who recruit and push and roll all over other people … you are making your profit out of others people money … you are just an oportunist, but you do play your role in all of this a minor one, but still.

Predator, here you are wrong. I think there lies big money. Now, we are just playing with options and getting something extra if we find someone new. It is true we can get several hundreds EURos quite soon with one gold package depending if you are that kind of person. We will get our money back soon, I believe, but all of us are hoping for something more, right? SiteTalk and SiteTalk Me is working and it is no problem to improve the software itself.

The thing that concerns me is the reputation of those guys if it is true. You should demand from the company a complete audited financial statements and a budget from the year the company started up and until today, it would be interesting for us who can read financial statements ………. I have no personal gain from writing either negative or positive about this, so try to understand why I absolutely care about this? Specifically: a few days ago a woman called on a cell phone, from Slovenia, and asked if I was interested to participate in something that is similar to facebook, but where you can earn money and how they will send me all info in the mail.

That she was talking quite fast and in Slovenian language, I did not understand everything, but I told her, that is ok for her to send me some things to see, what it is. She asked me only the date of birth, and mail me for not asking anything I immediately thought: this is nothing and forgot about it — well, how will she send me the mail, when she did not know my address.

And then today a phone message arrived on my mobile phone from the web site and I saw that it is all from Sitetalk. In the meantime, I checked my mail and 2 new messages from sitetalk came, saying that two men embraced me as a friend there. And how do these people now my cell phone number and email address? Translation is not very good, I understand that language very good.

But there are people who are sign up people without their knowledge, what to say…. You need to understand that people are different and they have different wining strategy…will they win? Of course not. In previous post from Obteiner and other one, information in those post are old, a lot of that changed. So if you want to be objective, search for better source.

Why I want from all of you to be objective, because only in that case we can inform people truly, and they can decide what is best for them. And how exactly is she lying? Please do explain that. I also understand croation and in what she wrote i dont see how she could possibly lie. If they had mail address, why they bother to call her on mobile, they could send same info over mail. From this we conclude that they knew her mail address before calling her or maybe not , if she ever received any mail from sitetalk.

If they knew her mail address, why they called her on mobile and who sent that message on mobile phone? There are 2 conclusions: 1. They knew all her data, but called her just to…. Because if they wanted to open such account, they could open it and then call her. After all they will have no use from her.

She is to stupid to explain what really happened, or she is lying. I am trying to be objective. But as you can see, I am not a sitetalker and I intend to stay an outsider, so my main sources are the internet and the feedback I get from others, also you.

And becouse I also saw that Uniaco — Sitetalk is searching promotors on forums that are meant for unemployed and those who are searching for new jobs, I do expect or is it just my vivid imagination that a lot of not all of course sitetalk promotors here and everywhere are also their employees meaning: they are also payed to write all over the place.

So I am kind of cautious with pro sitetalk posts. Translation is via tranlate google with only minor corrections well, not enough of them, so the translation is still somehow bad, but I think it is understandable. But the main thing — I got the impression that you were more surprised that they even called her, not that they opened an account in somebody elses name. People who open fake account on Sitetalk are cheap people, because the payment for few extra accounts its very very small.

I posted this link above, but this comment from the author of that blog is interesting and it is about real memberlist from sitetalk:. A memberlist was released on 4shared. Those who are interested will probably find it themselves. We normally include them in United Kingdom. They now claim to have 1 or 2 million members, as far as I know. If the scamers are in the leadership who you think they will have the most of the applause from.

Same kind of characters! You are obligated to provide Unaico or third party designated by Unaico with the actual identity information, including personal identity card number, nationality, address, telephone number, etc. You fully understand that the OFCs are certificates that may grant the holders shares in Unaico or any other company designated by Unaicoin the event that Unaico or any other company designated by Unaico embarks on a listing exercise.

The OFCs are unsecured obligations of Unaico and rank paripassu among themselves. Unaico has the discretion to designate any other company to issue the shares to you for the conversion of OFCs. The conversion rate of OFCs to shares will be discretionarily decided by Unaico based on the market valuation.

You fully understand that the OFCs are not freely tradable and may only be exchanged among the business partners within the back office made available by Unaico or third party designated by Unaico. Furthermore, OFCs do not grant you any corporate, voting, or any similar rights. Unaico makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, that OFCs are able to be transformed into shares at a profitable price in the future.

The conversion rate and the price of OFCs will be discretionarily determined by Unaico based on the market valuation and market conditions. Unaico has exclusive discretion to determine the timing for the conversion of OFCs into shares. What is KYC? KYC is an acronym for "Know your Client". It is common practice now and often a legal requirement, for groups such as banks, financial institutions, Government departments, businesses etc.

As per the KYC principles, Intermediaries must collect documents known as KYC documents before entering into transactions with the customers. The KYC process includes making reasonable efforts to determine the true identity of customers and their accounts. Why is KYC required?

The objective of the KYC process is to help ensure the integrity of our business, contacts and to help prevent activities, intentionally or unintentionally. Unaico is required to prove the identity of its Members who are involved with receiving commissions, who are holding OFCs, and who withdraw money in online accounts.

Who is required to be KYC compliant? The KYC process begins 4 th December At this time, Members will be required to log into their backoffice accounts and at www. These directions will include instructions on documentation that needs to be submitted. Certain steps of the KYC process will be required by 7 th December such as linking other Member accounts to your Personal Account. After 8 th December , Members who have not completed the KYC process will be automatically directed to www.

We aim to have this KYC process completed by 29 th February What types of documents are acceptable to establish identity in the KYC process? As per KYC norms, two categories of documents are collected — one is a photographic proof of identity, the other is a proof of residence. Depending on the status of the Member account, viz. Types of documents will be acceptable. The particulars declared on forms should match those indicated on Member accounts.

Following is the indicative list of the KYC documents required for the various categories of Members:. What steps do I now take to complete this KYC? Login to your Member backoffice account and the KYC platform at www. Ensure your First and Last name entered is the same as on the documents to be submitted for your Personal Account for KYC these 2 fields should only contain English characters. Ensure your email address and contact numbers are also correct these are compulsory.

The Direct Selling Association represents the interest of legitimate network marketing companies around the world, and is represented by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. As leaders, you are no doubt aware of our poor online reputation when it comes to checking us out via online search engines. In order to affect search engine results, we need to generate regular, high value news content. And this is where we need your help! The more you click and share and forward and blog and Tweet and SiteTalk our good news, the more we slowly drive our news to the top and push the junk to the bottom where it belongs.

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Yes — this area has frustrated all of us. You have already seen some of the results with Frank meeting with one former on-line enemy, who is now a friend, and their former content now replaced. You have also seen several test email blasts come your way that invite you to forward and even click and post those messages to various other communication and social media platforms. Please do so — every time! From this point forward, we will now control our online reputation, and we will do this mainly through sharing our good news with all.

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Towah now offers immediate processing of all card applications prior to KYC approval. Estimated delivery time is 2 -5 weeks, depending on your geographical location. So, it is very important to complete your KYC application. More details will be sent to you in the middle of next week, and the formal part of the process will begin the 1st of December Starting the 1st of December, Members can submit the required updates and documentation for the KYC via a new website that will be communicated.

Please note that between the 4th and the 7th of December, the Unaico backoffice will be unavailable due to upgrading. During this time you will not be able to log in to your Unaico account. However, the new website that will be communicated for the KYC process will remain available during this time for you to complete your KYC.

From the 8th of December onwards, you will need to have completed the required KYC steps in order to log in to your Unaico backoffice. Thank you for your support and commitment as we work together to make SiteTalk the greatest opportunity community. The Board of Directors.

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Our Presidents were housed in the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel that has one of the most incredible swimming pools in the world, as well as one of the best views of the F1 racetrack. Not that our Presidents took advantage of this view as they were also given VIP all-access tickets for all three days of the race weekend with seats right at the starting and finishing line. As if the weekend was not already exciting enough seeing that each President also officially received their Glen Asia home.

The Prince was there along with Glen Asia representatives to take part in the handover ceremony where each President was able to personally choose their own house from among the remaining homes, and then they were able to sign their contracts with a Mont Blanc pen which each President was then able to keep as a memento of the occasion.

Glen Asia also announced to us that they have decided to place the SiteTalk bubble on the bottom of the pool which brought a huge smile from all of us. Join Now in Unaico for becoming President Sponsor: sojib Some Unaico Presidents. About Unaico Our background. His vision, built on years of experience and success in Direct Sales, was to create a business where ordinary and extraor-dinary people could achieve true and lasting success. Aware that Globalization and International networking trends would accelerate, he saw that there was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a business that capitalized on these dynamics, by serving the needs of people, both customers and distributors, to connect, communicate and do business together.

The centre of his realisation --that online connectivity was paradigm-shifting --was that an online business community had not been created yet that combined two channels, social networking and direct selling, in a meaningful way. In he started to approach investors and entrepreneurs and created Unaico Holdings Ltd.

In his vision attracted more and more capable people, started to gather momentum, and a number of subsidiaries and partners, and spread from Scandinavia to mainland Europe, and to Asia. Free Join us : www. Our Mission. Unaico is dedicated to creating a platform for individuals to fulfill their aspirations as a one-stop holistic solution:.

Our Objectives. To become a Global top tier Direct Sales company, dedicated to fulfilling the aspirations of our distributor partners, committed to leading the industry and creating new paradigms in business methodologies:.

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A great earning opportunity from SiteTalk/Unaico, a unique combination for the ultimate Home The IPO is prepared Multi Level Marketing, Online Business. Unaico is launching Indian market officially on the 1st Feb Unaico Holding Ltd update news in 14th decembar Unaico IPO strategy. 1 Million 4: 1BV phase 1 - SiteTalk reaches 10 Million 5: 1BV phase 2 - SiteTalk will reach Million 6: Global success - IPO strategy 1 2 3 4 5 6 3.