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Forex lot table

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A Nano lot can also be referred to as 0. Knowing the different lot sizes available and how to calculate the pip per lot size value, will allow you to develop efficient risk management plans when trading. It will make you dependent on always looking at a table and not knowing how to arrive at such mathematical results by yourself without needing the help of anyone.

To achieve this result all you need to do is multiply 0. To achieve this result you need to multiply by Since Lots are always expressed on the base currency the first one and we know that a standard lot is Simplified Financial Newsletter.

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Advertiser Disclosure: when you click in some of the links in our website we may receive compensation from our partners or advertisers at no additional cost to our visitors. By using TheTradingBible. Select Language. Start Trading. Trading Guides. Other lot sizes commonly used are: Mini LOT also referred as 0.

Micro LOT also referred as 0. Nano LOT also referred as 0. In his book Trading In The Zone , trading author Mark Douglas offers a useful analogy between choosing a lot size and walking a precarious bridge or even a tightrope. The idea is that the larger the lot size a trader chooses, the more dramatic and emotional the trading experience is likely to become.

To illustrate this example, a very small trade size relative to your account capital would be like walking over a valley on a very wide, stable bridge where little would disturb you even if there were a storm or heavy rains. Now imagine that the larger the trade you place, the smaller and riskier the support or bridge under you becomes. When you place an extremely large trade size relative to your account balance, the bridge gets as narrow as a tightrope wire. Any small movement in the market could be like a gust of wind, blowing the trader off balance and leading to disaster.

The forex market is less regulated than other markets, so requirements like minimum account size are typically set by brokerages. The first step in calculating forex profit is to measure the movement of the pair. Multiply that profit by your lot size and number of lots. If you used leverage, you'll need to subtract what you borrowed from that amount to learn how much profit you'll get to pocket.

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A standard lot is the equivalent of units of the base currency in a forex trade. It is one of the three lot sizes; the other two are mini-lot and. Forex is traded in specific amounts called lots. The standard size for a lot is units. There are also a mini, micro, and nano lot sizes. Finding the best lot size with a tool like a risk-management calculator can help you determine the desired lot size based on the size of current accounts.