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Ctrader think forex mt4

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While both trading platforms allow trading Forex and CFDs directly from the charts, cTrader also enables users to detach charts, so that they can be used as stand-alone, tradable desktop applications across several screens. Another distinct feature of cTrader includes ChartShot — a tool that allows traders to share trading examples or technical strategies with other users.

Any chart can be embedded directly into a web page or blog, or simply posted on any social media platform. Similar to MetaTrader 4, cTrader also allows for the creation of chart templates, which can be used in the future. Traders can save up to 50 different templates, which accommodates multiple technical analysis-based trading strategies for various chart types, time frames or instruments.

With the cTrader platform, traders can also create unlimited watch lists, which can be detached and moved around the workspace for easy monitoring of prices of favourite trading instruments. Watch lists can be kept in the cloud for anywhere-anytime use.

MetaTrader 4 does not offer that much in terms of additional trading tools and plugins. The main features on this front include financial news, alerts and trading signals copy trading. Alerts can be set for certain trading conditions for example, prices exceeding particular Bid or Ask levels specified by traders.

In case a certain event occurs, the trading platform will notify traders by sound or by email. Additionally, users can enable sending push notifications or SMS to their mobile device. The trading signals tool enables traders to copy the deals of other users in real-time directly into their live trading account or on a demo without leaving the platform. Users can choose from over 3, free and paid signals.

Signal providers can be selected based on their trading history, the number of subscribers, growth percentage, funds under management or maximum drawdown. Similar to MetaTrader 4, the cTrader platform also allows for the configuration of email alerts. However, with cTrader, the range of possible alerts is much greater. Alert types available include:. When users select the volume of a particular trade order, the tool will present the pip value, the commission cost, and the margin required.

Or, it will save them the time to test those parameters themselves. Unlike MT4, cTrader also features an integrated Economic Calendar, so that traders can easily keep track of key volatility-triggering macro reports, political events, or central bank announcements. Another tool that the MT4 platform lacks includes Market Sentiment. This tool presents the ratio of long versus short positions of all other trades in a particular trading instrument, placed on the cTrader platform across all supported brokerages.

If you wish to use copy trading, cTrader Copy is available. With cTrader Copy, every user can become a strategy provider and offer trading signals to followers in exchange for performance management and volume fee. Meanwhile, investors can locate and copy a suitable trading strategy with no long-term commitment.

The key benefits for both investors and strategy providers are listed below. Both platforms offer very good automated trading capabilities, however, cTrader tops MetaTrader 4 due to the popularity of its programming language and more complex automated features. The latter is specifically created to suit the needs of Forex margin trading and includes market data, all order types, all order modification options, pre-built indicators, trading history, account, trading instruments and connectivity, which aims to ensure that as much detail is incorporated into a trading strategy as possible.

With this functionality, cBots can be installed and run in a matter of seconds. What is even more, cTrader grants access to the FIX API trading interface to any institutional, professional and high-frequency retail trader free-of-charge. The FIX protocol enables the exchange of electronic messages with financial data and is widely used in electronic trading.

It has several key advantages such as:. Last but not least, cTrader has a constantly expanding community of traders, financial experts and consultants, as well as a range of trading robots and custom indicators submitted by users in the community to support any algorithmic trading requirements.

Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of the MT4 platform is the MQL4 Integrated Development Environment IDE , which allows users to develop, test and use expert advisors and technical indicators for algorithmic trading. IDE includes several components:. Once a trading strategy has been developed in the MetaEditor, it is then moved automatically to the MT4 platform for further testing and optimization in the Strategy Tester. Finally, a compiled and tested trading strategy can be run into the platform, with the technical indicator analyzing the market environment and the expert advisor — trading the particular market.

In terms of availability and accessibility, both platforms work across several devices including:. Yet, there is a way for Linux users to run cTrader on that operating system — by using free, open-source software known as Wine , which will enable them to run applications specifically developed for Windows.

And the majority of cTrader applications require WPF. The web-based version of the platform is compatible with all popular operating systems and offers identical functionality for manual trading and charting with that of the desktop platform. In comparison, the MT4 web platform also allows access to the Forex market from any browser on any operating system — Windows, Linux, Mac, without the need for extra software installation.

The web version of the trading platform features all the advantages of the desktop MT4 solution and is highly secure due to data transmission encryption. The Android and iOS trading Apps have a smart design, layouts and controls. Both mobile app versions offer extensive charting capabilities, advanced order types, full trading history reports and in-app notifications regarding order status, price alerts, etc. The cTrader mobile app supports 22 languages, which extends its accessibility to a broader client base globally.

MetaTrader 4 also features exceptional mobile device compatibility, as it comes as a well-established platform for both iOS and Android-powered devices. The MT4 mobile app offers interactive charting, a full set of order types and technical analysis tools as well as trading history reports. In terms of security, both platforms meet modern-day standards.

When it comes to cTrader security, Spotware has provided the following information:. While both platforms have pros and cons, overall cTrader offers superior software technology and more sophisticated trading tools than the standard MT4 platform. The cTrader trading platform offers a complete solution to run all your trading operations from one place. At the most basic level, MetaTrader 4 by Metaquotes Software is beginner-friendly with a simplistic user interface that caters to both professional and inexperienced traders.

The MetaTrader 5 is an upgraded version of the MT4 platform that incorporates the same features as the MT4 and much more. Since MT4 licenses are no longer available for purchase, we should see more and more traders leaving behind the outdated MT4 in favour of more modern software solutions. MetaTrader 4 is the most common trading platform that forex brokers offer, along with the fact it is free for use and considered by many to be the best trading platform explains why it is also the most popular trading platform with traders.

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Learn more this here. Trading Platform Interface Comparing the user interface design, the two trading platforms have two different designs. It also lets you view the detailed information about the symbol you are about to trade. Third, and probably most important, you can set stop-loss and take-profit as pips, as level, as money risk, and as percentage risk of the account balance.

Fourth, it lets you turn on the trailing stop which is server-side in cTrader and set the trailing stop size. Fifth, a unique tuning option is available for stop-loss trigger price. It can be trade-side conventional, Bid for Buy and Ask for Sell , opposite Ask for Buy and Bid for Sell , double trade-side waits for two consecutive ticks with price behind stop-loss , and double opposite waits for two consecutive ticks with price behind stop-loss but looks at Ask for Buy and Bid for Sell.

And that's not mentioning the usual stuff like order size, maximum deviation, and order commentary. Limit, stop, and stop-limit orders can be placed in a similar method with optional expiration time. Manual trading goodies don't end on the order placement dialog.

You can reverse, double-up , and close any position with a single mouse click. You can also close all trades with one click:. If closing all trades would be an overkill for your trading style, you can use cTrader's buttons to close all sell or all buy trades or to cancel all sell or all buy orders by symbol.

Additionally, cTrader lets you manage Advanced Protection for any position. This includes multiple take-profit levels with a partial close and adding a breakeven stop-loss with optional buffer pips somewhat similar to our Account Protector for MetaTrader :. As you see, the built-in features for manual traders are simply outstanding in cTrader.

There are three main ways to view the detailed information about a currency pair or some other trading instrument in cTrader:. All three, although very similar, are useful for different purposes and, depending on your trading style, you might need only one or two of them.

One of the biggest advantages cTrader offers to a trader is the global sentiment indicator for almost every symbol available for trading. If you use sentiment analysis in trading, this cTrader's feature is a goldmine. You can use it as a confirmation signal for your trades or you can use it to trade against the crowd, or you can monitor changes in the sentiment as signals in their own right.

The sentiment indicator can be viewed in the Watchlist , on the chart, or in the Active Symbol Panel. A mouseover will reveal the exact percentage of the traders holding buy and sell trades for the symbol:. Trailing stop-loss when set via cTrader becomes server-side — the same as the normal stop-loss.

In other trading platforms, trailing stops are normally applied by the client's platform itself, which means that it should remain turned on for the trailing stop to work. With the popularity of tick charts growing among retail traders, cTrader now supports a range of tick timeframes. You can switch to a basic 1-tick chart or select any of the tick timeframes that combines N ticks in one candle for example, 10 ticks :.

In additional to traditional types of chart — bars, candles, and lines, cTrader offers some exotic chart types. One of them is Renko, which is quite similar to Point-and-Figure charting method, but is different in that it doesn't have a separate 'reversal size' parameter — it only has a 'box size' parameter, and its bricks are painted each on a new X-axis position whereas point-and-figure charts are painted in columns until a reversal.

The out-of-the-box Renko charting is a great addition, which often requires using unwieldy third-party options in other trading platforms. Another exotic chart type available in cTrader are Range charts. They are somewhat similar to Renko charts, with the exception that candles may contain an upper or lower wick.

Each candle consists of a chosen fixed amount of pips and either starts or ends at its high or low. Range charts are another type of "timeless" charts that are helpful in choppy markets where normal candlestick charts wouldn't produce meaningful picture. The third untraditional chart style available in cTrader is the dot style. It maps out bid and ask prices nicely for tick charts and shows close levels with dots for higher timeframes essentially, like a line chart but without lines :.

Chart objects are very easy to place on chart and manipulate. There are also quite a few of them available. Timeframes can be marked as favorite. These favorites will be shown next to a chart. When the chart is active, you can use the arrow keys up and down to switch between your favorite timeframes. Keep in mind that doing so very quickly many times may cause the trading server to block you out temporarily due to request flooding. So, you have to be careful with this otherwise awesome feature.

Fast switching is also available for currency pairs, albeit not with a hotkey. Then, you can right-click on any chart and keep clicking any trading instrument in the Symbol selection — all charts in the group will auto-update to that symbol. This can be useful if you analyze currency pairs using two or more timeframes at a time.

For example, see how this works with a set of H4, D1, and W1 charts assigned to group 'A':. Of course, with this feature you should be careful not to flood the server with too many requests too fast, otherwise it might block you out for a few seconds from the data connection.

It is a nice feature but it works poorly in the desktop version of cTrader. It lets you browse through three main categories: chart patterns, Fibonacci patterns, and key levels. Chart patterns include channels, triangles, wedges, and so on.

Key levels are support and resistance lines. The list of detected patterns contains a date and time, symbol, type of symbol, direction, timeframe, pattern, length in bars, and quality:. Double-clicking on a specific signal opens up a separate window with details, including a possible trend change, assessment of initial trend, volume, uniformity, pattern clarity, breakout forecast price, and a chart:.

In cTrader, your Watchlist and Workspaces sets of charts and layouts are saved into a cloud storage. This allows you to access both Watchlists and Workspaces from other devices connected to the same cTrader ID. For example, on your PC, you can create a custom Watchlist with the symbols you prefer to monitor and then open the same Watchlist on your phone.

Or you could load your platform's complete layout on another PC without copying any files manually. This is a significant improvement compared to other desktop platforms. Spotware offers a special mobile version of cTrader platform that lets you to analyze charts and trade from your phone.

The charts and trading interface are clean and practical, but as is the case with other mobile trading platforms, doing serious chart research is very difficult on your phone. Running custom indicators and cBots is impossible in mobile cTrader. You can login using the same cTrader ID as you would use in the desktop platform or the mobile one. Your custom watchlists are available in the web-based cTrader, but your workspaces are not. The web platform is much similar to the desktop one:.

As you can see, for a trader who does not require custom indicators or expert advisors, cTrader Web can be a totally adequate choice as the main trading platform. It should be noted that the web version is under constant development, and it is likely that we will see both versions desktop and web converge in their functionality at some point in the near future.

The Automate menu button switches cTrader into a development and testing mode.

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