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The main focus of the biopharmaceutical company is diseases involving liver and cancers, as these diseases are defined genetically. Dicerna makes use of an RNA interference technology, patented by Dicerna itself. The RNAi molecules are proprietary. Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc. This is a rare, inherited, autosomal, recessive disorder.

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Forex 101 ocean sky resort

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These geodesic domes are a hemispherical thin-shell structure. The triangular elements within the structure of the dome provide optimal strength and support for the dome, which means they can withstand a lot. They typically have a section or the entirety of the dome of clear fiberglass where guests can view the nature around them.

This makes them exciting for travellers, as they have the unique opportunity to stargaze from the comfort of their beds. Ontario is filled with gorgeous forests, lakes, and farms. One farm in particular you should visit is Glen Oro Farm. Glen Oro Farm is an amazing spot for Glamping in Ontario. Only an hour and a half drive out of Toronto, this is a super accessible spot for your glamping adventure.

They have well trodden trails by the horses that double as hiking trails. Speaking of which, yes, there are horses at this farm! And yes, you can go horseback riding. In addition to this fun around the campsite, you should take the opportunity to enjoy classic camping activities like sitting around the firepit at night. There are two accommodation options for your stay at Glen Oro Farm. You can stay in The Stargazers Dome which is a geodesic dome built for optimal comfort.

This glamping dome features a large transparent ceiling so you can view the night sky from your bed. There is also a fully functional bathroom and kitchenette at your disposal. The interior is designed with wooden accent furniture to give you a comfortable, natural feel. You will also have a king sized bed to sleep in. The second type of accommodation is The Explorers Tent. This large canvas tent is on an elevated base and has all the comforts one could need while camping.

They have a firepit, electricity, and an en-suite bathroom. You can rest assured that you will have a comfortable stay with a king sized bed to sleep in. Glen Oro Farm strives to provide a relaxing, luxurious, vacation surrounded by only the best nature Ontario has to offer.

That is for good reason! We found 2 of the best glamping sites for your next vacation to Quebec starting with Huttopia Sutton. Huttopia Sutton is surrounded by lush forests and will make you feel completely relaxed. They have wonderful activities for the whole family so you can rest assured that your kids will be talking about this vacation for years to come.

Huttopia Sutton has lots of on-site amenities that help to make it stand out from the rest. Splash around in the swimming pool or relax by one of the many firepits scattered around the property. Or if you want to bring out your more competitive side, play a game of foosball, badminton, ping pong, petanque, or some board games.

The first are their wood and canvas tents. The smaller tents hold up to 2 people, while the larger tents can hold up to 5. The tents range in what amenities are included to be sure to research which accommodation is right for you. The second is their wooden chalets. These are suitable for larger families as they can hold up to 6 people. This accommodation is much more luxurious with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a wood stove, electricity, as well as a BBQ.

The third are the camping pitches. This means you bring your own tent to pitch camp. This is for more of the traditional camping feel, but they do have electricity and shared bathrooms. Domes Charlevoix is the perfect spot to stay in a stargazing bubble camp all year round.

See why Domes Charlevoix is the perfect place to gaze up at the stars all night long. A few hours outside of Montreal you will enter Charlevoix where there is so much nature to soak in. Head to Le Mastiff De Charlevoix which is just a 24 minute drive from the campsite. Make sure that you check out the local map of trails surrounding the area because there are tons!

The hikes range in length and difficulty, but the one thing they all have in common is exquisite views and lookouts. Just an hour away from Domes Charlevoix, you can find a popular whale watching site. Sit back, listen to the sounds of the sea, and see if you can spot a whale! At Domes Charlevoix, you guessed it, you are going to have the luxury of sleeping under the stars in geodesic domes. These domes are fully functional through all 4 seasons so even in the harsh Canadian winters, you will still be extremely comfortable.

Each dome can hold up to 4 people in them. In addition, on the terrace you have a private spa that also functions year round. This hidden gem is about to be revealed to you so get ready to pack your bags! They are only a 90 minute drive from Deer Lake Regional Airport. This not-for-profit social enterprise gives all the money they make back to the surrounding towns. They strive to create a sustainable, micro-economy through tourism.

So not only can you feel amazing about your vacation, but you will be supporting the local community by supporting this business! Maybe pack a picnic to enjoy some food and drinks at the top! Explore the grounds and learn about indigenous history, science, and artifacts. This is a great learning experience for those who wish to broaden their horizons. It will make for a really fun excursion. First are the tents which are made of local wood and canvas. All of the tents are suitable for families and are pet friendly, so you can bring your furry friends along with you.

The tents range from a max 2 guests, to max 4 guests per htent, which include either 1 or 2 queen sized beds. The slaughterhouse is a family business run by Sholom Rubashkin , leading to questions on whether he is a corporate criminal. Art Williams Jr.

April 6, In case 2, Stefan Wilson advertises his investment fund as a solid bet, and investors go so far as to mortgage their homes to join the fund, only to find there is a hidden cost. April 13, April 27, A self-proclaimed "nose doctor," Mark Weinberger is doing well, [24] but things are amiss inside The Weinberger Sinus Clinic. Starr mismanages clients's money and steals millions of dollars, also marrying an exotic dancer.

February 1, Attorney Carlos Perez-Olivo scams clients, is disbarred, and is convicted of murdering his wife. February 8, February 15, Attorney Kevin Cohen takes advantage of couples trying to adopt children using his adoption annex. February 22, Tom Petters , a Minneapolis businessman, becomes rich buying big companies. March 7, Raj Rajaratnam is known for being behind one of the larger insider trading schemes in U.

March 14, A live auction show proves to be run by con artists selling forged art. March 21, April 4, The company Erpenbeck collapses and when three company employees admit to bank fraud, there are financial troubles for local home buyers, banks, and subcontractors. May 2, A gambler and a broker who is jailed for fraud. May 9, May 30, Van Thu Tran and her crime ring , the Tran Organization, cheat casinos to steal millions.

June 20, Pleading guilty to mail fraud , Shawn Merriman is given a 12 year conviction. June 27, A con man in Philadelphia heads an auto insurance fraud scheme involving associates, fraudulent insurance claims, and 44 car accidents. He ultimately gets four years in prison. July 11, Follows Lee Farkas, who invents fake loans to scam millions, leaving thousands of people without jobs and causing one of the largest bank failures in the country.

July 25, Solomon Dwek , after defrauding banks himself, becomes an informant for the FBI New Jersey's biggest historical corruption case. Michael Vorce of Grand Rapids, Michigan scams millions using fraud. February 28, Perry Griggs claimed to sell coffee futures, but instead of doing so, he defrauded investors and kept the money himself.

He receives a securities fraud conviction and eight years in federal prison, where he starts a new scam. April 11, In case 2, Montana ladies-man Carl Estep cons money to fund his gold scam, saying he has hundreds of barrels of 'gold concentrate' that he needs cash to refine.

The drums have only dirt in them. April 18, May 16, May 23, In case 2, Kevin Carney is running a Ponzi scheme in Chicago by claiming he invented a new stock trading computer program producing high returns. Case 2 follows Ronnie Gene Wilson, who warns investors that he will invest their money in precious metals to prepare for an upcoming collapse in the US Dollar, only to use the money on a farm and doomsday bunker.

Follows the murder of Abraham Shakespeare , a lottery winner. In case 1, bank robber Michael McCant becomes a white collar criminal after he is released from prison. Case 2 follows Mark Anderson, who stores wine collections for clients and is secretly selling wine on the side. When his scheme is discovered, he burns down his own warehouse to cover the evidence.

Joe Caronna sells bogus annuities to scam investors, resulting in the death of his wife. Commercial real estate investor Ed Okun is in love with a younger woman, spending lavishly on the model by stealing millions from clients. April 2, In case 2, a real estate developer scams victims by pretending he has a perfect residential development.

April 9, In case 1, financial advisor J. Case 2 follows a Chicago-area rapper who scams a local businessman into thinking there is an upcoming gig. April 16, In case 1, a man gets rich by threatening investment professionals, and in case 2, a secret plot to build juvenile detention centers gets two judges rich.

April 30, A one-time Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick and his group of friends use the mayor's office for their own gain, extorting city contractors and abusing public funds. At a major commodity futures brokerage, a man admits to a two-decade fraud and then attempts suicide. June 18, Case 1 follows two brothers who used a remodeling scheme to scam millions from homeowners. In case 2, a scam artist goes after retired Florida residents with fake New York real estate investments.

June 25, Case 1 follows three friends who turn to crime when they travel to New York to pursue their dreams. In case 2, a money trail from drug traffickers is followed to a firefighter and a suburban father. July 16, An independent film falls apart when investor funds are stolen by a filmmaker's secret partner and spiritual guru. July 23, Darain and Cory Atkinson are brothers who scam millions by starting a company that sells fake vehicle service contracts.

August 6, The episode first follows Rivertown Financial, with home owners becoming homeless due to home's equity. The episode also follows a financial planner who steals millions from the accounts of clients, including the retirement funds for workers at a camp for ill children.

Avoiding authorities with false identities, a former Army intelligence officer known as "Mr. X" starts a fake veterans' charity and steals millions. Mail order coin businesses are started by a coin collector and his brother, but when they go bankrupt in and are jailed, one of them plots to murder the judge and prosecutor. January 22, January 29, In case 1, Rodney Hailey scams millions from major corporations with a fake green energy business, but his collection of luxury cars draw attention from the authorities.

In case 2, cat burglar Blane David Nordahl steals antique Sterling silver from rich neighborhoods. February 5, Pamela Phillips and Gary Triano are a rich married couple in Tucson, Arizona , but after Triano is murdered , there are questions about whether Phillips did it for money.

February 12, Entrepreneur James "The Cash King" Duncan invests in exotic business ideas, including strip clubs, real estate, Iraqi currency, diamonds, and mind control technology. February 19, Stockbroker Jordan Belfort runs a wild brokerage firm, doing jail time after pleading guilty to fraud.

He is released and starts a new life in Hollywood, but questions remain about whether his victims will see justice. July 10, Case 2 examines an "advanced-fee scam" by Remington Financial Group which defrauded investors in small businesses.

July 17, In case 1, "Ferrari" Mike Banuelos scams money from musical artists, leaving his investors to deal with the consequences. July 24, Rudy Kurniawan is a counterfeit wine dealer who makes millions selling his cheap wine in high-end auction houses. July 31, October 16, In case 1, William Conour is a personal injury lawyer in Indiana who scams millions from his clients' settlement money. In case 2, Gary Milby is a fake oil tycoon who falsely guarantees returns from his oil wells in Kentucky.

October 23, Mutual Benefits collected new money from investors to pay returns when patients lived longer. October 30, Private security contractor Kevin Halligen portrays himself with a James Bond persona, lying to desperate clients out of greed. Ross Mandell is known as a "bad boy" on Wall Street, with addiction issues and run-ins with financial regulators.

When Paul Kruse propositions the teenage daughter of his assistant, the mother becomes a whistleblower and puts him in jail for financial fraud. Doing so results in a murder-for-hire plot against the assistant. After an illegal silicone injection kills a patient and four others are paralysed by fake cosmetic injections, a nurse is charged with murder. May 12, Ralph Raines Jr. May 19, Russian gangsters have women seduce men in nightclubs and then steal their money and jewelry.

May 26, Also in the episode, the studio Gigapix scams millions from people who want to be movie producers. June 9, Viewers help law enforcement apprehend criminals featured on the show. June 23, June 30, The episode follows a luxury car salesman, who is accused of selling cars he does not own and stealing car loan funds. Also in the episode, a man presents a contract showing he owns half of Facebook.

July 7, Out of their pain clinics in South Florida , twin brothers make millions by illegally selling drugs such as oxycodone. July 14, Jamaican authorities and law enforcement in the United States collaborate on stop criminals using Jamaican call centers to scam Americans with a lottery winnings scam. August 4, The Palladino family is caught in a case of fraud concerning their neighborhood ice cream parlor in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

August 11, New York stockbroker Mark Hotton allegedly scams millions of dollars from investors, resulting in the implosion of the Broadway premiere of Rebecca. August 18, Millions are stolen from investors by a fraudster claiming he was building a medical glove factory in the United States. August 25, The episode details hacker Daniel Rigmaiden allegedly stealing millions from the U. The episode also follows a man in witness protection creating a mortgage fraud scam.

September 8, Follows Darren Berg of Seattle , who scams investors to buy yachts and a mansion. September 15, In this episode, a doctor in Michigan makes millions by giving chemotherapy to patients who do not have cancer. Also in the episode, two bank robbers near Chicago repel 17 stories down the Metropolitan Correctional Center to escape. September 22, While facing possible corruption among their own people, federal agents look for the person behind the world's largest online and underground drug bazaar.

Femme fatale Nanette Johnston Packard looks for rich men to manipulate, placing personal ads saying things like, "If you take care of me, I'll take care of you. When Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz is found shot to death in the woods of Fox Lake, Illinois , there is a manhunt for the culprit. However, it is then suspected that Gliniewicz disguised his suicide as a murder to hide that he had scammed several thousand dollars from a youth group.

Pimps who operate a sex-trafficking ring enlist a dentist in Chicago to launder their money. The episode also details a plot to steal a valuable comic book collection, resulting in murder. March 6, March 13, The episode details motivational speaker Gary Shawkey, who is willing to murder to supply the cash for his scams and cons. The episode also follows Lisa Tseng, a Los Angeles " pill mill " doctor who made millions writing illegal and dangerous pain prescriptions.

March 20, Rumeal Robinson is a champion basketball player who gets his mother kicked out of her home after he cons her out of it. June 19, A serial grifter targets a successful businesswoman and poisons her for money. June 26, The episode details scam cancer charities, who only give three percent of the millions they raise to families and patients. The episode also details a family who shoplifted millions in a nationwide crime spree and were caught on camera. July 3, Nine people are killed and thousands sickened when a CEO knowingly ships peanut products tainted with salmonella.

Scamming millions, a man portrays himself as movie producer and money management professional. A man goes to deadly extremes in his scheme to get rich in the oil fields of North Dakota. Former Ohio State University quarterback Art Schlichter has a gambling addiction, which he supports by becoming a con artist. Donald "Ski" Johnson is a musician using his Jazz for Life foundation to trick donors into believing there would be appearances at red carpet Grammy Awards events.

August 7, A man scams millions from rich wine clients to live a luxurious life, but is then himself scammed. August 14, Intending to blow up a house for the insurance money, scammers instead caught dozens of homes on fire, killing a young couple. August 21, Bill Mastro makes his childhood memorabilia hobby into a billion-dollar business, rigging bids [45] to scam funds from collectors and sellers.

August 28, A school supply vendor has corrupt school officials approve the misappropriation of funds from Detroit public schools. Also in the episode, thieves scam money from women using photographs of men in the military. Businessman Martin Shkreli , known as "Pharma Bro" on the internet, raises the price of a life-saving drug Daraprim 5, percent, but his shady accounting and internet trolling leads to difficulties. Two doctors in Alabama run pill mills , making money off illegally prescribed opioids.

A Florida woman who had worked as an escort has a plot to steal her husband's money and kill him. When her lover tips off police, her plan is caught on tape. Follows Jan Lewan, a showman who rips off his fans when his finances run into trouble by promising large investment returns. His story, however, is a scam to earn resources meant for veterans. Eric C. Conn is a disability lawyer who vanishes after guaranteeing wins to clients concerning Social Security. A young man murders his family to steal their wealth and fund his shopping habit.

When customers complain, instead of getting refunds, many are threatened with violence, rape, even murder. July 2, Kenny Chatman runs a string of corrupt drug rehab facilities in South Florida stealing millions by keeping insured addicts hooked on drugs; his plans include turning patients into prostitutes and sober homes into drug-fueled brothels.

A crooked New York police officer cashes in as a high-tech burglary crew terrorizes homeowners and business owners. August 20, August 27, In sunny Laguna Beach, social climber Elizabeth Mulder finances her plastic surgery, Arabian horses, and ocean view real estate worth millions by swindling her best friends.

September 3, Daylon Pierce is a consummate ladies' man who claims to be a licensed stockbroker, wooing unsuspecting women through internet dating sites; after the women hand over millions of dollars, Pierce robs them blind and breaks their hearts. September 10, Self-proclaimed teen millionaire Ephren Taylor preaches his "safe" investments at church seminars and on the internet, fleecing victims out of millions and pumping cash into flashy living and his wife's hip-hop career.

September 17, September 24, Carlos Rafael makes millions as the owner of one of the largest commercial fishing businesses on the East Coast but his big mouth gets him hooked in an undercover IRS sting with agents posing as Russian mobsters. October 1, John Rogers criminally builds one of the most impressive photo archives in the world.

When his partner rats him out, victims find out they've been burned. Larry Bates may preach about salvation through precious metals in the coming financial apocalypse, but in the end, his clients are investing in "fool's gold. October 8, Florida teens cash in on the opioid explosion. When these young adults expand the operation, however, it puts their lives of sex, drugs, and money in danger.

Bars, strip clubs and nightlife venues shell out millions to an insurance company founded by a former bouncer. August 19, Disgraced Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland uses fraud to launch his brand and a luxury music festival in the Bahamas. August 26, From luxury properties to an ostrich coat, the hard-charging political insider uses his influence to fuel a multimillion-dollar mortgage and tax fraud.

September 2, September 9, September 16,

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Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort, hotel in Miyazaki. ยท 1. Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort. Show Prices. reviews. #1 Best Value of 2 Miyazaki Hotels With. Red Z The Ocean Muang Phetchaburi deals and offers | traveller reviews, asli photos for Red Z The Ocean Moo, Puktian, Muang Phetchaburi - Baka po gusto niyong kunin yung reservation namin for June , beach resort (with swimming pool) in Morong, Bataan. We already paid the reservation/dp kaso.