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Forex trading terminal download

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Currently, there are no known issues with the Tickmill trading terminal for Mac. If you do experience any, please let us know by contacting our dedicated Support team , and we will solve it promptly. Nevertheless, trading with emulated applications is done at your own risk. We strongly suggest you first become familiar with the software functionality on a Demo account , and make sure that the application runs as intended on your Mac computer. Metatrader 4 Mobile Apps The mobile applications that have been developed for the MT4 provide you with some of the most up-to-date functionality available to traders, directly on your mobile device.

You can trade with interactive charts, a full set of trading orders, popular analytical tools and pretty much all the functionality available on the desktop version. By using the MT4 mobile app you can monitor your account, track your trades, open and close new ones all with a single click.

Metatrader 4 for Android Functionality has always been paramount to Metaquotes when developing their trading apps for mobile use. Metatrader 4 for iPhone iOS Just like the app developed for Android use, metaquotes has created the ability for iPhone users to trade on their MT4 with ease from the devices. Simply click ' File ' followed by ' Open an Account '. So, should you be wondering what to input at this stage, check your email and open up the registration confirmation email sent to you by Tickmill.

Write the Address and Port separated with a Colon like this: Next your be given the opportunity to select an account type. Here you can:. Name — your full name. E-Mail — email address. Phone — contact telephone number. Deposit — the amount of the initial deposit in terms of the basic currency.

The minimum amount is 10 units of the specified currency. Currency — the basic currency of the deposit to be set automatically depending on the account type selected. Leverage — the ratio between the borrowed and owned funds for trading. Aside from allowing you to analyse the markets effectively, depending on your strategy etc, traders get a much more in-depth understanding of the market itself. So, how can you set up forex indicators on the MT4?

Firstly, you should be aware that there are two types of indicators on the MT4 platform: 1. Built in MT4 indicators. Custom MT4 indicators. You can check the indicator directory in your navigation window located on the left-hand side of your terminal like the picture below:.

You can also modify or even remove these built-in indicators. Go to the 'File' tab and find 'Open Data Folder'. From here a new screen will open. Here you can make changes as you need. Well, this is the programming language used to develop trading robots, indicators, scripts and function libraries that can then be used on the MT4. It contains basic information which allows users to analyse current and historical data while also having in-built functions allowing you to manage trading orders.

This means that it can carry out all of the necessary functions a trader can, meaning you can created a fully automated trading system! Anyway, we digress. Back to more about MT4 indicators. As we mentioned previously, there are also custom indicators available on the MT4.

Generally these indicators have been built by experiences traders or developers and will be used to perform a specific function rather than simply trend analysis etc. The process of installing custom indicators however is not complex.

Download and prepare the indicator that you would like to install on the MT4. You can save them in a separate folder to make it easier to find. Once that is done the files will be. Open up your MT4 platform and click ' File ' at the top of the screen. Open up the ' MQL4 ' folder followed by the ' Indicator ' subfolder.

You can do this in a few different ways:. At this point it is important for you to note that the MT4 enables you to open two different types of order: market and pending. You can see what the window will look like for a market order below. In contrast to a 'Market Order' a pending order is one that will open at the point that you specifiy. Buy Limit. Sell Limit. Buy Stop. Sell Stop. You next need to enter the size of the position you wish to open followed by the Stop Loss and Take Profit points.

Then you just need to press the ' Place ' button! A key risk management tool is setting an effective stop loss on your trade. A stop loss is basically an order that you place with your broker to sell when your chosen instrument hits a certain price. This effectively ensures that you can only lose a certain amount when you open an order should the market move against you.

However, the trade will close if the market moves too much in the opposite direction, even if it bounces back a little later. Setting a take-profit Take Profit points, just like Stop Losses are risk management tools that you can use to automatically exit the market when your chosen trading instrument reaches your chosen price. You can set a Take Profit in the exact same way as you set your Stop Loss! Closing an order The process of closing an order is simple. On your 'Trade' tab, click the position you want to close.

Simply confirm by clicking ' Close '. The Basics of Charting on the MT4 Charts, which are crucial to technical analysis, are used to predict the movement of price and identify tradeable trends. On the MT4, you can easily customize your price charts based on your own preferences. Right-click on a price chart and choose Properties to customize it.

You can also do this by clicking on the corresponding button on the toolbar at the top of the screen. Click on the ' Template ' button on the toolbar and select ' Save Template '. Name it and click ' Save Template '.

You need to set a point for these lines like so:. Click 'Insert' and then 'Lines' on the top menu of the MT4 platform. Now if you want to jazz up your horizontal line you can edit its properties by right clicking on the line itself and selecting ' Horizontal line properties '. Here you can change the colour , thickness and even add a description for your own reference later! Please note that this functionality works for both horizontal and vertical lines!

Trendlines Trendlines are generally used for you to explore changes that happen in prices. In the same way that you placed your horizontal and vertical lines , click ' Insert ' and then from the menu choose ' trendline '. The difference here is that in the ' parameters ' part accessing by right clicking on the line you can enter in the ' low ' and ' high ' points of the trendline!

However, we will look at how you can set one on the trading platform: In the same way you inserted the other chart objects like our horizontal and vertical lines, click ' Insert ' and then ' Fibonacci '. Click ' Retracement ' and hold where you want it to start. First, right click anywhere you want on the chart.

Then choose the ' Indicators List ' and choose the indicator that you want to remove. Once selected simply click on the ' Delete ' button! How to set up notifications on the MT4 One of the key benefits of using the MT4 platform is the ability for you to set up notifications.

They can be used to make sure you keep on top of any price changes in the market that could affect your trading. You can even set an expiry date which will ensure that the alert turns off after a certain time. Fill out the relevant information and then click ' OK ' to complete the process. Select ' Email '. Check " Enable " 2. Enter the SMTP login: this is your email address 4.

From: MT4 Alerts, entering your email address to send from 6. To: Recipient Name, entering the email address to receive email Once complete, click OK and your MT4 will be able to ping through an email for all the alerts you create on the platform! Like we did in the email alert setup, navigate to the ' Tools ' section and click ' Options '. Once the window appears, click ' Options ' followed by ' Server '. EAs or expert advisors are automated programs that will trade automatically for you.

Click ' File ' and scroll to ' Open Data Folder '. Click MQL4 and then the ' Experts ' file. Drag and drop the EA files into this folder or your custom indicator. A trader can develop his own set of rules for trade entries and exits with the help of automated trading robots Expert Advisors , which help avoid instinctual blunders while trading. Trades are also automatically executed with faster reaction times, leading to lower chances of slippage costs.

Expert Advisor EA can help traders make more informed decisions. They can be programmed into the platform to automatically execute trades on a live platform. These flexible software utilities can assimilate all the information available on the platform to conduct market analysis and Forex trading.

OctaFX offers automated trading using Expert Advisor to place buy or sell orders with specific market conditions, typically based on price movements and technical indicators. Automated trading helps traders to enter and exit positions much faster than with manual trading. This strategy, called scalping, makes it possible to take profit opportunities even when there are only very small price changes. To make any meaningful difference, it requires traders to place multiple trades during the day, so even though the price changes are small, they add up over the course of the day.

Often smaller profit opportunities are easier to catch than the larger ones. This is also a good risk management strategy, since it does not involve taking on big risks in the hope of huge profits. Market volatility presents several attractive profit-making opportunities when you use Forex robots that provide greater accuracy in Forex and CFD trading. For this, the EA is programmed to monitor fluctuations in various currencies and automatically enter and exit market orders with trading logic used in the trading system.

The EA is programmed to trade only when the predetermined trading indicators are reached. OctaFX offers Forex robots for scalping, based on advanced algorithms and trading strategies. Opening a MetaTrader 4 Demo account is the best way for a new trader to check out the platform, get familiar with the tools, and learn trading techniques. The account works like a live account, except it allows you to trade with virtual money rather than real money.

Experienced traders often use MetaTrader 4 Demo accounts to test new trading strategies before application in real trading. The contest lasts for a month. To participate in this contest, register for a new Demo account. All possible trading strategies and EAs can be used in this contest. OctaFX offers an easy entry into the crypto world.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are available on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Leverage : Trade with leverage up to , which gives you the flexibility of buying ten times more cryptocurrency. Simply right-click on the list of symbols. At OctaFX, we strive to offer the best trading conditions. The focus is on making trading easy and more profitable for traders.

Metatrader 5 Metatrader 4. MetaTrader 4 Web platform MT4 web platform allows you to trade from any browser on any operating system with a well-known interface of a desktop platform. Log in. MetaTrader 4 Desktop MetaTrader 4 is highly customisable. Download How to install How to uninstall. MetaTrader 4 Android Enjoy a complete set of trade orders, trading history, interactive charts, and the widest variety of supported devices—all that is MetaTrader 4 for Android.

Get it on How to install. Download How to install. Calculate your profit. Why Choose Metatrader 4? CFD trading. Easier Trading with Metatrader 4 Flexibility: There are several choices of currency pairs to trade in, as well as cryptocurrencies and CFDs. User-friendly: MT4 has a user-friendly interface that is suitable for traders of all levels. Customisation: Develop your own Expert Advisors EAs and technical indicators on MetaTrader 4 to match your trading needs and practices.

Windows and charts can be arranged for each profile according to your preferences. Charting tools: Advanced charting tools help analyze the technical aspects of the market. Language: The platform is available in multiple languages. Learn how to start Forex trading in 4 easy steps Learn how to start trading on MT4. Account verification: OctaFX encourages customers to verify their account by submitting a personal ID scan and proof of address to ensure transactions are authorised and secured.

Secure withdrawal rules: Withdrawals require email confirmation and customers are encouraged to use the same payment details for both deposits and withdrawals. Metatrader 4: Trade Execution Modes An order is an instruction to perform a trade. If the exchange rate changes while the order is being processed, a requote option becomes available, which the trader can accept or reject.

Execution on request: Prices are requested before the order is placed. Once the exchange rates come in, order execution can be confirmed or rejected. How to perform technical analysis of Forex Market MT4 opens with four charts by default, each representing a unique currency pair. How to use Autochartist MetaTrader plugin.

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It combines Mini terminal features and other functionalities for smooth trade management. Seeing every price movement means you can quickly find the best entry or track price action. Use Tick Chart Trader for simplified chart tracking. Connect with our daily news feed directly in MT4 and experience the edge with real-time trading analysis. Get highly advanced indication tools for experienced users. Keep track of your order history, get access to trading signals and benefit from in-depth charts.

A time-saving indicator, that shows you small charts inside your main chart. Previously unavailable multiple timeframes and chart types, now included. Millions of traders worldwide already use it. Download PDF. Trade Terminal Trade Terminal is your personal trading assistant.

Managing trading orders from the graphics, various modes of execution, trailing-stop and other functionalities of the trading platform — everything at your disposal! We provide a wide range of trading platforms for all modern devices. Millions of traders with different needs choose MetaTrader4 for carrying out trading operations on the market. Regardless of the level of competence, the platform offers traders the most powerful capabilities: the enhanced technical analysis, flexible trading system, algorithmic trading and trading advisors, as well as applications for mobile trading.

This platform allows receiving an access to a trading account by just several clicks! Remember that after installing the trading terminal MetaTrader 4 , you need to specify the login account number , the trading password and the appropriate server when authorizing the trading account. The server address is specified manually in the corresponding field of the authorization window as a DNS record:.

The data received upon the opening the account Account number and Trading password should be input into the terminal settings. Run the trading terminal, bring up a settings window from the text menu at the top of the terminal , as it is shown in the picture:.

Then in the dialog box should indicate the number of accounts, one of his passwords standard or investor and select a server. After providing the information, press the "Login" button. In this case, during the startup of the terminal, a login window, all authorized accounts will be displayed automatically. If the abovementioned servers are not mentioned or differ from ones in the trading terminal — they are to be input manually:. When carry over the password, we recommend to use the option of copy and paste to avoid possible false interpreting of some complicated symbols for example, 'i j' , 'q g' , 'h n' in case of a manual letter-by-letter input.

Once the terminal setup file has been downloaded to your computer, you are to install it by running the downloaded file, which icon will have a specified image. After the installation launch, follow the instructions in the window. The most most effective way to discover all functions sof trading terminal and to beging test trading is to register demonstrative account , having chosen as a starting deposit any amount of virtual money. At the first launch of trading programm you will be suggested to fill in the form for openning free demo account.

Before starting your work with he trading platform, we recommend you to look through the User Manual, which is awailable for download above, as well as within the terminal, press F1 with the programm launched. Our trading terminal provides the possiblity to trade on any type of accounts, not having to reexecute the programm without amy additional setup. Each trading account both demo- and real have its unique number. Simply log in into the platform using the required number, so that it works in the required mode depending on the account type chosen.

All of these allow automatic trade process and lead the trading activity without traders constant participation. User manual for PC trading terminal. During the first start of the application, if you already have an existing trading account, select the parameter «New Account». In the opened window you need to specify the broker WorldForex. Download the application Meta Trader 4 via Play Store and run the application on your device.

In the opened quotes window, swipe left to right to open a side menu and select the option «Manage accounts». The system will offer you to find a broker. In the search field you need to specify: WorldForex. Specify the authorization data, where «Login» - a trading account number, «Password»- a trading password. Confirm authorization by pressing the button «Login» If the authorization is correct, the page «Accounts» will open. In the opened window you need to specify the broker Existrade Ltd.

Download the application Meta Trader 5 via Play Store and run the application on your device. In the search field you need to specify: Existrade Ltd. Confirm authorization by pressing the button «Login». If the authorization is correct, the page «Accounts» will open. For beginners The WebTrader platform is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand the first attempt at account management and platform settings. Professionals Webtrader is indispensable for experienced stock exchange players, thanks to technical analysis tools, one-click trading and high speed trading requests processing.

The best web app for trading All functions of the MT4 you are familiar with: basic types of graphs, one-click trade, a basic set of analytical tools. Access from any device Trade from any operating system with a pre-installed browser, including WinMobile! No download and installation required Without a doubt, this is the best alternative to MT4.

Intuitive interface Simple and easy to use multilanguage interface. Open WebTrader. Ideal for all devices. A great solution for newbies Possibility of technical analysis The execution of orders quickly and without delay. Wide range of comfort in operation World Forex takes care of the comfort of our customers, and that's why we provided you with a platform with which you can not only earn with ease on almost any device, but you will always be aware of all market events! For beginners The Meta Trader 4 platform is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand the first attempt at account management and platform settings.

Professionals Meta Trader 4 is indispensable for experienced exchange players, thanks to technical analysis tools, one-click trading and high speed trading requests processing. The best app for trading It is one of the best trading platforms in the world, for trading and analysis of financial markets.

Work with any device A wide range of mobile versions allows traders to track and make trade decisions most quickly on the go, using a smartphone or tablet computer.

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Download MetaTrader 4 PC, iPad, iPhone or Android OS version to get powerful and convenient for technical analysis and online trading on forex. MetaTrader 4 is a free-of-charge Forex trading platform. It offers wide technical Download MetaTrader 5 and trade on the Stock and Forex markets. Download our desktop platform. Download our most advanced trading platform, designed for active trading. Don't already have an account? Open one now.