non investing zero crossing detector opto
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Non investing zero crossing detector opto

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But what will be the difference between heater and pu Pumps can pump you water back to your reservoir, so you can use it again, and again Is your heater doing something usefull making Coffee or just adding to global warming? Pumps can pump you water back to your reservoir, so you can use it again, and again Thanks, but we don't have reservoir since it is run of river microhydro and we have sufficient water required for the turbine. We are from himalayan region and water here is too cold that needs heater so we are doing all these.

It is a synchronous generator? Voltage is controlled by altering the power to the excitation can you do that? Ok, this may be a stupid question, but if the OP is only heating water, why is frequency important? Because it is a stand-alone microhydro not connected to grid so any decrease in load causes increase in frequency that causes trouble.

In order to create balance between both we want to use only excess power for heating purpose and maintain freq to a constant value. Yes it is. Can it be done digitally automatically and will it be possible for you to provide some reading material that explain how it can be done? It can really help me. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Rameshadkri wrote: it is a stand-alone microhydro not connected to grid so any decrease in load causes increase in frequency that causes trouble.

I still don't under stand, the heater could care less what the frequency is, it could even be DC. What trouble are you talking about? Why is constant frequency an issue? I'm guessing the heater is only one of the loads. It will double as a control load to tune the line frequency.

Other loads will be more sensitive to line frequency. How much of the energy of this 30kW generator is actually used for applications where the 50Hz is important? For the water and other heating the voltage and frequency does not matter much, and these can be run directly from the generator.

For applications where the frequency is not so important, but which can not tolerate an overvoltage, an autotransformer might be a good solution. Give this some thought. Make a list of all the loads on the generator and the power each load needs and put them in 3 categories:. I would love to see that list here, maybe we can help with sorting all the stuff into those or maybe other categories. A few photos of the generator and what it is used for would also be nice to get an overview of the whole system.

Making the electricity for an entire village dependent on some cobbled up homebrew electronics does not seem like the best of idea's, and with the way described above you can mitigate the effect of any failure. It is probably already mentioned somewhere, but the easyest way to regulate it is probably a simple valve to limit the waterflow into or out of the generator. If the waterflow out of the generator is pinched, you have to make sure that the generator can withstand the full head pressure of the water.

Pinching the outlet can be as simple as pulling an tapered piece of wood into the water outlet with a small electric winch. Skip to main content. Zero crossing detector using 4N35 optocoupler. Log in or register to post comments. Go To Last Post. Level: New Member. Posts: 17 View posts.

Posted by Rameshadkri : Wed. Mar 21, - AM. Fivestar widget 1 2 3 4 5. Posts: View posts. Posted by Kartman : Wed. Log in or register to post comments Top. Mar 21, - AM Reply to 2. Sorry for incomplete information. Posted by awneil : Wed. Does your scope not let you take a proper screenshot? Mar 21, - AM Reply to 5. Level: Moderator. Posted by valusoft : Wed. Mar 21, - PM. I hope that you are not using 1N diodes. They are underrated for this high voltage circuit. Posted by ki0bk : Wed. It could also be used to power the rest of the circuit!

Level: Raving Lunatic. Posted by Paulvdh : Wed. Most resistors are not rated for mains voltage, even if they can handle the power etc. With this you can also measure the phase shift generated by this circuit. Edit: Whenever I notice beginners messing around with Vac I tend to advise them to stop doing that untill they have a few years of experience with elecronics and some respect for Vac.

Last Edited: Wed. Brian Fairchild. Posted by Brian Fairchild : Wed. Paulvdh wrote: On my Rigol I sometimes transfer screenshots with an USB stick, but entering a filename on an oscilloscope interface is horrible. I never said it could not be done. I do this approx once or twice a year. Posted by avrcandies : Wed. Note also, any connection to the mains side with your scope will bypass your isolation to any scope connections on the "isolated" side This can also cause a "nice surprise" at your PC if it is connected via a non-isolated hookup to your circuitry.

Posted by Who-me : Wed. Rameshadkri wrote: Hi, I am making a zero crossing detector using 4N35 optocoupler. Posted by joeymorin : Thu. Mar 22, - AM. Experience comes from bad judgement. Pick two. Level: Resident. Posted by KerimF : Thu. It works fine as long the voltage at the crossing-zero is clean. This is usually the case when it works on mains voltage V 50Hz. Posted by Rameshadkri : Thu. Mar 22, - AM Reply to Posted by valusoft : Thu. Some of Kartman's and others' concerns are addressed therein.

Actually i am trying to sense the variation of frequency and maintain it to a value of 50 hz by dumping the power Interesting. What's the rating on your generator? Volts, Amps, Watts EDIT: sp. Last Edited: Thu.

Mar 22, - PM. Level: Posting Freak. Posted by Scroungre : Thu. I think there exists a module that could plug into my TDS to give it more interface options, but the A? I strongly suspect not. PS - Screenshots wouldn't include helpful little astronauts. PPS - The does have a mount for a very specialized Polaroid camera with trigger contact!

Posted by ki0bk : Thu. Rameshadkri wrote: I want to use it in microhydro. Posted by Who-me : Thu. Posts: 18 View posts. Posted by anishkgt : Sun. Mar 25, - PM. Last Edited: Sun. Posted by avrcandies : Sun. Posted by Brian Fairchild : Sun. Posted by Who-me : Sun. Brian Fairchild wrote: anishkgt wrote: why not use an off the shelf opto-coupler like the H11AA1.

Posted by Rameshadkri : Sun. Apr 1, - PM Reply to Apr 1, - PM. Rameshadkri wrote: True. Posted by Paulvdh : Sun. Rameshadkri wrote: The problem is generator don't have AVR with it. Last Edited: Mon. Apr 2, - PM. Posted by joeymorin : Mon. Apr 2, - AM. Scroungre 31 Joey But who's counting ;- 30kW inverters can be a little pricey though.

Posted by Rameshadkri : Mon. Apr 2, - AM Reply to Who-me wrote: Can you use pumps as the loads, to at least do something useful with the excess power? Posted by Scroungre : Mon. But who's counting ;-. Posted by Paulvdh : Mon. Asked 7 years, 3 months ago.

Modified 2 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 16k times. That's better for interferences injected in the supply, otherwise it would be the same problem as switching converters. Doesn't apply to inductive or capacitive loads though. Is this the sole reason? Why don't you post it as an answer? Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

It keeps driving the trial all the time. Wouldn't that let the entire sine wave pass the triac? I don't understand why the sine waveform would be cut off at random locations. You mean, zero-crossing driver prevents the starting point to coincide on the middle of the sine wave. And it guaranties that the starting point is always a zero-crossing point 0 and degrees. But if the triac is to be switched only once in a while, the only benefit of a zero crossing driver will be saving switching power.

I don't think the type of load matters either. When the triac is off, there's no current, so no phase shift due to non-resistive loads. What matters is that it switches On when the voltage across it is zero, so the load sees a fairly smooth sine wave ramp up, not an instant step in voltage.

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Zero Crossing Detector using Operational amplifier (OP-Amp) IN ENGLISH

Definition: An op-amp detector that has the ability to detect the change from positive to negative or negative to a positive level of a sinusoidal waveform. Ah I see, it is already isolated so no opto-coupler needed of course. I think I will use this method I think I will manage to get this working. Zero Cross Detect (ZCD) detects when an Alternative Current (AC) signal crosses through the ground potential. The ZCD module is useful when monitoring an AC.