concealed carry vest holster
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Concealed carry vest holster

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Whenever possible, we'd recommend carrying with a belt particularly a good gun belt to prevent your pants from sagging. Not only is it annoying and uncomfortable to have sagging pants, but your pants sagging where your gun is carried screams that you're carrying a firearm. IWB carry puts your holster and gun very close to your body, making it less likely to "print" when compared to other methods. IWB holsters can be worn in positions anywhere from the small of your back to your groin.

Appendix carry shown below usually offers the most concealment, but can be uncomfortable particularly for people with bigger bellies. Carrying at the 3 o'clock 9 o'clock for left-handed shooters position can be one of the most comfortable IWB positions, but it's also one of the most likely to print. With your holster and handgun sitting on your hip, the grip of your pistol is likely to show through your shirt. If not appendix carrying, carrying IWB at the o'clock position is usually the best choice.

Your firearm remains reasonably accessible when you need it, while also being well concealed and comfortable. IWB holsters come in different forms and sizes. Normally, they're made entirely of Kydex, though some appendix carry holsters have backings. They can be worn at other positions, though sometimes less comfortably than larger holsters with a leather or neoprene backing.

Larger holsters usually have two clips and a non-Kydex backing. Their larger size and use of two clips helps distribute the weight of your handgun. Overall, they're usually more comfortable to wear. The downsides are, they're best suited to just the to 5 o'clock position and they're a bit more difficult to put on and off.

While you could appendix carry larger compact and even full-sized pistols, I'd usually recommend a small subcompact pistol for this concealed carry method. Other positions will likely be more comfortable for larger handguns. Belly band holsters are a band that goes around your waist or belly, with a pocket or shell for your firearm. They're most often used as an option for when you don't want to wear a belt. If you opt for a belly band holster, we'd strongly recommend choosing a holster system that includes a secured shell made from a hard material that protects the trigger of your CCW.

Our favorite is the Crossbreed Belly Band system, which secures a custom holster for your firearm in the band. When worn low on your waist, belly bands can come close to IWB holsters in terms of concealment. If worn higher, they're likely to print through your shirt. Galco Shoulder Holster, Back View. As you've probably guessed, this option only works as a concealed carry holster if you plan on wearing a jacket.

While you may find them to be more comfortable than IWB carry, they do have additional drawbacks. Your firearm will be positioned on the opposite side of your body, usually causing a slower draw. You're also going to muzzle sweep anything behind and to the side of you when you draw. My final complaint is that it's difficult to find a shoulder holster that properly retains your firearm and protects the trigger.

Many manufacturers only make generic holsters, though a few make them with hard shells that fit to your firearm. Another option seen commonly on television and film, though one I think is far less practical than shoulder holsters.

Ankle Holster. While ankle holsters do a fantastic job at concealment when wearing most pants, they put your gun in a very hard to access position. It's likely to take multiple seconds to access your CCW, while also being incredibly suspicious to anyone you're trying to protect yourself from. However, if you're wearing a large jacket or coat, OWB holsters can sometimes conceal a handgun. Since this guide is specifically covering the best concealed carry holsters, I won't spend too much time on OWB options.

Even with a jacket or coat, it will probably be very difficult to conceal your firearm in an OWB holster. I also strongly recommend you don't open carry as a civilian if concealed carry is an option. While it MAY and should be your right where you live to open carry a firearm, there are a number of downsides:. If you're riding the wave of single-stack subcompact pistols or double stack pistols as thin as single stacks , then the Crossbreed MiniTuck may be the best holster for you.

It's an IWB holster designed to be worn at the to 5 o'clock position. These are just some of the options. You can find out if the MiniTuck is made for your firearm here. The MiniTuck is very comfortable to wear and conceals your firearm nicely. The powder-coated steel belt clips are adjustable for cant carry angle and ride height. Most Crossbreed holsters are available with leather or horsehide backings.

I find the leather backing on my Crossbreed holsters to cause less sweating than backing materials found on some other holsters if I'm not wearing an undershirt. Compared to the SuperTuck, the MiniTuck is a bit smaller overall and the backing has been trimmed down to better accommodate subcompact pistols. Backing material is removed from the grip area and where the barrel may stick out of the Kydex pocket. This combat cut allows you to get a full grip for easily drawing even very small subcompact pistols.

At checkout on the Crossbreed website , you can select from a number of popular options. It is worth noting, Crossbreed uses the lights for retention , meaning the holster can only securely retain my P when the TLR-6 is attached. With the TLR-6 attached, however, the retention is excellent.

Your pistol is going nowhere if you don't want it to, but it's easy enough to draw when purposefully doing so. Its overall size is slightly larger than the MiniTuck, allowing it to accommodate both small and larger handguns. While we prefer the MiniTuck for subcompact pistols, the SuperTuck is great for compact and full-size handguns.

Like the MiniTuck, the SuperTuck is also designed to be carried at the to 5 o'clock or 7 to o'clock positions depending on your draw side. The SuperTuck's Kydex shells are made for your specific handgun. Nearly all popular pistols are supported by Crossbreed.

You can check here to see if Crossbreed makes the SuperTuck for your handgun. The available materials for SuperTuck holsters are the same as what's available for the MiniTuck. While there are some strong competitors, We The People Holsters make my current pick for the overall best concealed carry holster.

It's an IWB holster that I like best for appendix carry , though it's able to be worn at any position. So what makes this the best appendix carry holster and a fantastic option for any type of IWB carry? The most noteworthy "feature" of this holster is its simple design. Unlike options from other manufacturers, there seems to be no unnecessary materials used. The result is an incredibly sleek , lightweight , and practical holster.

In the picture above, note that the Kydex rides higher on the side against your body. This sweat guard prevents sweat from getting onto your gun's slide, while also preventing your slide from contacting your body. Despite its minimalist design, it still has perfect retention when properly adjusted. Retention adjustments can be made with the screw at the bottom of the holster. Ride height and cant are also adjustable by moving the position of the clip.

This helps make the holster work for nearly any IWB carry position. See the GIF below for the available options. While other holsters have leather or neoprene backings, this holster is made entirely of Kydex. Because the holster is so small, I've found it to still be comfortable enough to wear mostly appendix carrying. The wide single clip also does a fantastic job of keeping the holster firmly attached to your belt, unlike some of the other single clip holsters I've used.

We The People also make some models designed to fit pistols with lights attached to them. To find these, try their websites search or find the manufacturer of your handgun, then look through the available options. Lastly, in addition to being one of the best concealed carry holsters, it's also one of the most affordable!

The Alien Gear Shapeshift 4. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the ShapeShift 4. This allows the shell to only be attached at a single mounting point so that the backing can better conform to your body. It can do this while keeping your trigger fully protected. The backing has a small steel-reinforced base to maintain rigidity behind the shell, but a layer of breathable neoprene will be the only thing you feel against your body. Retention can be adjusted using one of the locking knobs on your holster or the extra knob provided with it.

You have a lot of flexibility here to dial in the retention perfectly. When holstering your handgun, you'll hear a very noticeable audible click when it's properly secured. It's extremely comfortable, does a great job at concealment, and is highly adjustable. It offers the same soft and breathable neoprene backing as the holster above. While the backing may feel comfortable against your skin, this holster is far too bulky and likely to print for my tastes. Holsters from both manufacturers are fantastic options and similar in many ways.

It's tough to say one manufacturer is better than the other overall, but each has some slight benefits when compared to the other. Concealment Express could have just as easily been my choice for the best appendix carry holster or the overall best concealed carry holster.

To start, both of these options from Concealment Express are incredibly affordable and highly regarded. They have tens of thousands of positive reviews on both their website and Amazon. Based on this, they're without a doubt the most popular holster manufacturer I've come across. They're cut so your trigger guard is flush with the holster, allowing you to get a good high grip. One unique feature of both of these models from Concealment Express is that, depending on your firearm, they partially or completely cover your pistol's magazine release button.

Many people love this feature, as it helps prevent accidentally dropping your magazine while drawing your pistol. It also protects the magazine release from your body and clothing. While this was a selling point for many others who have purchased these holsters, I'm actually not a fan of this.

For me, the way these holsters are cut to accommodate this feature does more harm than good. It forces a slightly more awkward grip to draw my pistol. Getting your thumb involved in your grip is difficult, especially with a small pistol like the SIG P I have to be careful to only partially use my thumb on the uncovered portion of my pistol. Otherwise, I have a tendency to forcefully clamp down on the holster with my thumb making drawing my handgun more difficult and awkward.

The picture below shows how little room there would be to get your thumb involved with the Tuckable IWB for the P This would likely never be a huge issue using this holster and you could certainly chalk it up to user error on my part. With that said, I personally prefer to avoid it since this seems to be a problem I have with Concealment Express holsters. Keep in mind, a tremendous amount of people love these holsters and even this particular feature, so take this with a grain of salt.

It's a small issue and it could be unique to me, my firearm, and how I draw it. You'll hear an extremely noticeable click when you've securely holstered your handgun. This allows those who like or have to tuck in their shirts to still concealed carry IWB.

Holster cant and ride height are fully adjustable, and all variants are available in either left-handed or right-handed configuration. This holster is intended mainly for use as a strong-side hip holster. In this configuration, and as long as you have a proper gun belt, the Mini-Wing fits snugly and comfortably in your pants, allowing you to conceal carry even a full-size handgun with ease.

Although it is not explicitly designed for this carry method, many users of the Mini-Wing prefer it for appendix carry. While concealability of larger handguns may not be as good as with the strong-side hip position, the Mini-Wing is so configurable that it is possible to use it as an AIWB holster effectively. You can truly personalize your holster with 38 color and pattern options for the Kydex parts and 5 leather color options for the leather wings.

The front and back Kydex panels can also be ordered in different colors, so your Mini-Wing is customized to your preferences. This product features a unique 2-piece design, combining a Kydex handgun holster and a magazine carrier into a single unit, fastened together with a military-grade shock cord.

All Axis Elite holsters are cut to accept handguns equipped with suppressor-height iron sights and pistol optics, and T1C offers an option for pistols fitted with threaded barrels. If you prefer carrying an extended spare magazine, the Axis Elite can be ordered with a deeper mag carrier, keeping it level with your firearm. Tier 1 Concealment also offers a wide variety of customization options for the Axis Elite, including 33 different colors and patterns, such as black, arctic white, EMT red, police blue, woodland camouflage, or Multicam.

T1C also offers spare shock cords, which can be used if the one that comes with your holster wears out or if you wish to order one in a different color. Eight different cord colors are available, including standard red, hunter orange, white, or neon green. This type of leather, also known as Memel, is one of the softest yet most durable, leathers available, approximately 3 times thicker than cowhide. As a holster material, water buffalo leather is soft and comfortable to wear all day.

The full-size sweat shield protects your firearm from perspiration and offers a greater surface area against which your holster can rest, resulting in a more comfortable fit. This holster is available for a wide selection of handguns, ranging from full-size duty pistols to small subcompacts, and can be ordered in a right- or left-hand orientation.

Although this holster is made of a highly-durable material intended to last a lifetime, Muddy River Tactical offers a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty on all of its products. If anything happens to your holster, the company promises to repair or replace it free of charge. Constructed entirely out of Kydex, the main advantages of the Fobus Standard are its low weight and its low-profile, discreet design. The holster paddle is thin and large, contoured, and rubberized to provide extra comfort, even if it comes in direct contact with your skin.

All parts of the holster are secured together with 4 steel rivets for extra durability, ensuring that it will last you a lifetime. Like most Kydex holsters, the Fobus Standard functions using a passive retention system, holding your firearm in place with a tight and snug fit. However, this design requires a stiff and robust gun belt to prevent the possibility of pulling out your entire holster alongside your handgun when drawing.

It may not be an ideal choice if you wear loose-fitting pants or shorts. The Fobus Standard is available for over 27 manufacturers and hundreds of handgun models, in either left-handed or right-handed configuration. Although concealing a larger handgun with this holster may require some additional thought in your clothing choice, this holster can conceal smaller handguns such as compacts and subcompacts more effectively.

This makes it an excellent choice for OWB concealed carry. Active gun owners cannot always wear a gun belt, particularly for physical activities such as jogging, playing tennis, or exercising at the gym. Solutions such as the Crossbreed Modular Belly Band Holster help those who live an active lifestyle remain able to conceal carry.

Although primarily marketed towards women, belly band holsters can be used by people of all genders and most body shapes. Crossbreed Modular Belly Band Holsters are made of an elastic, stretchy material, fastened together with large velcro panels.

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