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Mobile home park investing books

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Rachel H. Mobile Home Park Investing. San Antonio, TX. Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading! Vote 0 Votes. Follow topic Follow. Share Share 2. Share on Facebook Facebook. Share on Twitter Twitter. Share on LinkedIn LinkedIn. View comments 3 Replies. Jump to Last Reply. Log In or Sign Up to Reply. Log in Sign up. Log in Email Password Forgot password? Name required. Why create an account? Find investor-friendly agents, financing options, and more.

Plus, get FREE access to articles, webinars, guides, and more. This is easy to follow and it lays out one of the clearest and most complete paths to investing I've seen anywhere. I read it quickly, but will also use it as a reference.

If you plan to invest in mobile homes, any one of about fifty tips in this book is going to save yo way more than the book's cost. I wish there was a book like this for every real estate investing sector. The home work he gives you at the end of every chapter goes a long way in getting started. I read the book cover to cover the first time. Then I went chapter by chapter doing the home work the second.

Independently create your own income. I start my day with a cup of coffee and real and reread this book. Zalman Velvel wrote it so it's easily understood, shows you exactly what your should be doing each day to become financially independent.

Do you wanna start your mobile home business the right way? Then please do yourself a favor and get this book! Excellent Book! The book contains 3 key sections: Profit Strategies, the five Green F's that tell you how to actually execute each deal, and the basic prinicples of wealth. Not only does it motivate you, but the topics are so clear, it almost takes away any fear you might have about starting in investing. Lastly, the author speaks in a clear, simple and easy to understand voice that is quite humorous at some points.

As you can tell, I can't say enought about how awesome this book is. Great Book — B. Perry Most of the book can be applied to any area of real estate investing, not just mobile home. There are also some very interesting strategies tailored to just mobile homes. Saw author in person at a local investment club. He was really fantastic. The sixth CD has copies of all the mobile home forms you will need to flip and manage your herd of cash cows.

You will learn:. M — how to Mine for good mobile home deals. O — how to calculate your Offer of investment property and which strategy to use. B — how to write a contract to Buy the mobile home and negotiate a good deal.

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LEARN HOW TO INVEST IN MOBILE HOMES · BOOM TOWN to BUST and BACK · HOW TO GET A GOOD DEAL ON A MOBILE HOME · Uncle Zally will even show you a way to GET A MOBILE. This book made it seem like mobile home investment properties were in very short supply because of how much money they make. I'm not sure which one to believe. Clement are finding their homes at the center of a bull's-eye, as a deluge of investment companies expand their mobile-home park portfolios at a.