csuf financial aid office
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Csuf financial aid office

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Consumer information also is available in the Student Self Service area of the student portal. A paper copy of the information can be obtained by contacting the Vice President for Student Affairs Office, Langsdorf Hall , Most males between the ages of 18 and 25 must be registered. Males born after Dec. In California, students subject to the Act who fail to register are also ineligible to receive any need-based student grants funded by the state or a public postsecondary institution.

Selective Service registration forms are available at any U. Post Office, and many high schools have a staff member or teacher appointed as a Selective Service Registrar. Information on the Selective Service System is available and the registration process may be initiated online at sss. All financial aid recipients agree to carry and complete a specific number of units each semester, to report graduation or withdrawal from the university, and to notify the Office of Financial Aid of any changes in their financial or marital status.

Students who accept financial aid agree to report to the Office of Financial aid any additional resources received, including, but not limited to, scholarships, stipends, tuition and fee waivers or reimbursements, and grants from outside sources. Recipients of financial aid must use the funds only to meet education costs.

Any other use of the funds is prohibited by law. Students who are receiving financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress. See the section below for details. All students, including financial aid recipients, must maintain scholastic academic progress as outlined in the Cal State Fullerton catalog. Federal and state regulations governing student financial aid programs require the university to ensure that each student who is receiving financial aid maintains satisfactory academic progress SAP toward a degree objective.

As required, maximum time frame, quantitative pace and qualitative grade-point average measures have been defined. The policy is subject to change based on revision mandated by federal law. Refer to the Office of Financial Aid website for updates, fullerton. At CSUF, all undergraduate programs are four-year programs but for purposes of defining the maximum time frame measurement for SAP, six full-time academic years of attempted coursework is allowed.

In addition to the standard maximum timeframe, specific student aid programs may include a maximum number of units or years for which a student may maintain eligibility which may be different than the standard maximum timeframe. Students are expected to complete their educational objective, degree or certificate according to the following schedule:.

Students are not eligible to receive financial assistance at CSUF once they have reached or exceeded the maximum number of attempted units as described above. Undergraduate students are allowed a maximum of units; graduate or post-baccalaureate students are allowed a maximum of 45 units. The unit maximum for undergraduates includes all units attempted at CSUF, as well as all transferable units attempted at other colleges and universities, except those in excess of the number accepted by CSUF for transfer credit.

Some academic programs require more than the standard number of units; a list of those programs and their maximum allowed units is available in the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy available on the Financial Aid website at fullerton. A unit cap appeal process is available for students who have reached the maximum.

As described on the Unit Cap Appeal form, the appeal requires a detailed statement of extenuating circumstances leading to excess units, evidence of progress toward completing the academic program, and documentation of remaining coursework to complete the program. Students must earn at least Attempted units are compared with completed units to calculate the percentage of earned units. CSUF does not impose a minimum number of units each semester, although most financial aid programs require at least six units per semester half-time status to receive funds.

When deciding how many units to take, the student should consider factors such as employment, course difficulty, family responsibilities and academic probation. A repeated course in which the student initially received a D or better will count as units attempted and completed if the student receives a passing grade. Students may receive financial aid for one re-take of a previously passed course. Further re-takes of the course are not eligible for financial aid, although the units will count toward attempted units for purposes of calculating the maximum timeframe.

Repeated coursework in which a student withdrew, received an official withdrawal, or failed will count as units attempted, but not completed. In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress, each student must meet minimum grade-point average standards: Undergraduates must have a cumulative GPA of 2. Graduate students must maintain a 3.

Students falling below the minimum requirements at the time SAP is evaluated will be ineligible for financial aid. If a student earns less than At the end of the following year, if the student earns at least A student who has an approved appeal is put on financial aid probation for one semester and must meet SAP requirements at the end of that semester in order to maintain financial aid eligibility.

Students on probation for the fall semester may have their disbursements delayed while SAP is being evaluated; spring financial aid will be cancelled for students who do not meet SAP standards at the end of fall.

Students have the right to appeal a financial aid eligibility termination or unit cap termination by presenting a written appeal according to the following steps:. Information concerning the refund policies for the return of unearned tuition and fees or other refundable portions of institutional charges is available from the Office of Financial Aid in Gordon Hall , phone However, if the student received financial aid, the fee refund may be credited partially or completely to the appropriate financial aid account s.

Information on policies regarding tuition and fee refunds and the return of federal Title IV student assistance as required by regulation is available from the Office of Financial Aid in Gordon Hall , phone Financial aid recipients who are considering withdrawal should visit the Office of Financial Aid for an estimate of the amount of financial aid that would have to be repaid.

Since financial aid funds are awarded to help students meet their educational costs, financial aid is first used for direct institutional costs tuition and fees. Unearned aid is calculated using the percentage of days in the term following the last date of attendance.

A financial aid student who withdraws on or before the 60 percent point in the term is eligible to receive a refund of tuition and fees; however, the refund may be applied to reduce the amount of unearned aid the student is required to repay. See following examples. The following examples illustrate the amount the student would owe based on three different withdrawal dates dollar amounts shown are approximate.

The calculation is based on tuition and fees for the academic year and assumes the student is not living in on-campus housing and is not incurring institutional charges other than tuition and fees. Academic Calendar. The California State University. About the University. College of the Arts. College of Business and Economics.

College of Communications. College of Education. College of Engineering and Computer Science. College of Health and Human Development. College of Humanities and Social Sciences. College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Degree Programs. Course Descriptions. University Requirements and Regulations. Graduate Regulations. Academic Advisement. Academic Departments and Programs.

Special Academic Programs. Academic Affairs Support. Student Affairs Support. Information Technology. Faculty and Administration. Archived Catalogs. My Portfolio. Publishing Top Three Column 1. Publishing Top Three Column 2. Publishing Middle One Column. Types of Financial Aid. Grants A grant is given by the federal government, CSU or state as a gift. Loans Loan money is given to you now, but must be repaid later.

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